"It's intricate California folk-pop, but on stage the songs range from pretty and subtle, to loud and unhinged." - LA Times. "If you distilled Dark Side of the Moon, Pet Sounds, and Revolver into a glass and poured it over the California surf, it would probably sound like this." - Allmusic


Everest is a group of Los Angeles music community alumni and friends formed by Russell Pollard (vocals, guitar, drums), J. Soda (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and Joel Graves (guitar, keyboards, vocals). Along with bassist Rob Douglas and drummer Davey Latter, the band released it's debut record Ghost Notes in May of ‘08 on Vapor Records. The Los Angeles Times observed that the band members "sport resumes longer than the intro to 'Cortez The Killer'" and it's true – these guys have spent time in bands such as Sebadoh, The Folk Implosion, Earlimart, The Watson Twins, Richard Swift, and Slydell.

When discussing the formation of the band with the members, one word seems to come up time and time again – natural. They may have already been friends, but it took future Ghost Notes producer Mike Terry to be the catalyst. As Graves explains, "We had a long conversation and he said, 'You guys need to stop all these different projects and support each other.' It took an outside person to tell us the obvious."

Shortly after the band began playing live in 2007, local press in Los Angeles began to pick up a vibration from the stage uncommon in the "scene." The band's collective touring experience, chemistry, and unabashed passion for playing was infectious and the national media caught wind. “Everest piled on interesting shifts in mood and tempo, and a fierce sense of dynamics that kept your ear glued to them, never quite sure when the whispering would end and a grumbling cry emerge,” cooed Jambase of their live performance.

In August 2007, the band entered Elliott Smith's former room, New Monkey Studio, to document the music. Ghost Notes was made on classic vintage equipment with producer/engineer Mike Terry recording and mixing the entire album to analog tape. Without the use of computers, and recorded mostly live, the album was recorded in two weeks, mixed in one week in November, and mastered one afternoon a few days later.
When the band signed with Vapor Records, the label presented them with a cake that said "Welcome Home Everest." To Pollard, it was another step down a road he'd always hoped to be on. "I'd wanted to be on Vapor before I knew they might be interested. It's Neil Young's label, so obviously it was somewhere I wanted to be."

On May 16, 2008 Everest made their national television debut on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," performing "Rebels in the Roses," perfectly timed with the release of Ghost Notes. In addition to several U.S. tours, the band has toured Europe, supporting My Morning Jacket, Neil Young and The Frames. This Fall and Winter of 08', joined by Elijah Thomson on bass and Davey Latter on drums, Everest will finish their year on the road with Neil Young, Wilco and Death Cab For Cutie. And this Spring Everest continued the third leg of the Neil Young tour, as headliners, making their way across Canada in into the States. Everest has just completed taping of "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien," and will be making their way through Jazzfest, Bonnaroo, High Sierra, and other Summer festivals.

(To be continued…)


*12" release including "into your soft heart," "you burn bright," & "it's only in your mind"
available to hear at www.myspace.com/everestlads
*full length release Feb '08.


Set List

*1. into your soft heart
*2. black covers
*3. rebels & roses
*4. the trees
*5. reloader
*6. standing by
*7. the future
*8. I see it in your eyes
*9. stumble waltz
*10. angry storm
*11. you burn bright
*12. it's only in your mind
*traditionally 45 set, but can do longer when the space provides.
*covers every once in a while i.e. neil young's "harvest moon"