Everest Cale

Everest Cale

 New York City, New York, USA


The Brooklyn-born indie rock of Everest Cale falls between classic and contemporary, as soulful as it is profound. With roots bedded along the East Coast, into the Carolinas and the Midwest, the band plays what has been described as “confident, impressively soulful indie rock.” Singer Brett Treacy bridges the gap between traditional strumming songwriter and howling rock-and-roll frontman, while Jeremy Kolmin’s lead guitar delivers high-energy, moving solos in classic rock tones. The band’s rhythm section – with the attentive bass playing of Aaron Nystrup, deft, educated drumming of Nate Becker and vibrant resonance of Ryan Roets’ keys – shapes the band’s sonic textures with sharp dynamic contrasts. Everest Cale’s lyrics and melodies embody a yearning to understand love, death and existence – and they captivate listeners, asking them to yearn themselves.


"Beast" EP- Released February 21, 2012