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Pelham, NH | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Pelham, NH
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Artist To Watch For: Everett Gibbons Of New Hampshire"

Everett Gibbons is a rapper who hails from Pelham, New Hampshire. His most popular video to date is “Sofas In The Street” which he released in 2014:
Gibbons also released his impressive “Send Em Deep” mixtape that same year. It featured great tracks like this one, which is my personal favorite: "How I Feel".
Gibbons followed up “Send Em Deep” with a couple even stronger projects. In 2015 he released The Vent EP. All six of the songs from the EP were produced by San Francisco based producer Decap and the progression from Everett just a year after his last mixtape was evident.
My favorite track is “Old Soul”, which features a nice laid-back alternative style beat from Decap complimented by some smooth lyrics and flow from Everett Gibbons.
The Vent EP is available for purchase on iTunes.

Gibbons’ most recent release is his “Dam(n) the Mainstream” which came out in March of this year, and it’s his best work yet. All 13 tracks are worth listening to but my personal favorite is “Wannabe”. The beat from Louis Mackey is absolutely incredible and Everett blesses it with exceptional lyrics as well as some captivating rhythm on the hook. It turns out the kid can sing too.
You can listen to the whole “Dam(n) the Mainstream” mixtape right here on Soundcloud.For everything you need from Everett Gibbons, check out his website EverettGibbons.com.

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“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I go by the name of Everett Gibbons, and this, well, this is Damn(n) The Mainstream… I hope ya’ll like what you hear”.

Hip-hop artist, Everett Gibbons has been on the #NSM radar ever since the release of his conceptual EP, The Vent, last year.
Coming straight out of Pelham, New Hampshire, Gibbons has found his way back to the #NSM homepage with the recent release of his full-length album, Damn(n) The Mainstream.

Damn(n) The Mainstream consists of 13 tracks that each include the distinct features that make Gibbons a talented rapper.

Whether it’s the catchy hook from “Champion”, stylistic flow on “Hippie Van”, or the jazz backed “When The River Went Dry”, Gibbons knows what type of artist he is and has clearly been working on his craft since we last heard from him.

Dam(n) The Mainstream has a team of talented producers including the likes of Dos Gringos, Nextwon, Louis Mackey, Killa K, and Commacomma. Each of their respective productions match perfectly with Gibbons’ flows which ultimately make this album a successful release.

Check out Dam(n) The Mainstream above and let us know your favorite track in the comments!

Be sure to reach out to Everett on Twitter and soundcloud! The future is bright for this promising emcee. - New Sick Music Bryan Montesano


Here at NewSickMusic we are all about breaking new artists whose tracks deserve to be heard. You never know who’s gonna be the next big thing.

With that being said, meet up and coming rapper: Everett Gibbons. Reigning all the way from Pelham, New Hampshire, Gibbons has recently released his first conceptual project entitled The Vent.

This 6-track EP acts as a soundtrack to what Gibbons calls a “visually enticing non-fiction” short film that will be released later this year. It features production from accomplished producer Decap, who has produced for the likes of Snoop Dogg, Smoke DZA, Talib Kweli, and more. The combination of Gibbons’ lyrics and Decap’s musical production is an epic musical formula that results in a rich and refreshing sound. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t become acquainted with Gibbons’ music now.

Check out the EP above and if you like what you hear, please support the team of Everett Gibbons/Decap and buy it on iTunes.

Be sure to keep up with Gibbons and Decap and by following them on Twitter and Instagram!

Everett Gibbons’ Twitter : @Everettgibbons

Everett Gibbons’ Instagram: @Everettjgibbons

Decap’s Twitter/Instagram: @decapmusic - New Sick Music Bryan Montesano


After the success of his 6-track EP The Vent (released earlier this year), New Hampshire-based emcee Everett Gibbons returns to the NSM pages with a brand new summertime banger. The first of many songs to be released this summer, the Louis Mackey-produced “Leaves Of Grass” is indeed “some cruisin down the Charles River shit” (Boston stand up!). Listen to the track above and be sure to follow Everett on Twitter & Facebook to stay up on all future news. - New Sick Music Chris Tanner


After releasing the Decap-assisted project, The Vent, back in March, Pelham, New Hampshire emcee Everett Gibbons is back with a new song entitled, “Venice”. The Killa K-produced track is filled with braggadocio lyrics, a fast flow, and a killer beat, suggesting that Venice is “a journey into sound”. If you want to continue your journey into Gibbons’ sound, check out The Vent and follow him on Twitter and Facebook. - New Sick Music Grantley Bynum-Bain

"Everett Gibbons – Q&A Interview"

New England Area Hip Hop might just have a new hero in their city and we are talking about you. When did you decide to start making Hip Hop? Who influenced you? How did you get the name Everett Gibbons?
I started writing raps when I was like eleven, but didn’t start recording music until I was 16; and didn’t release anything to the public until I was 18. As far as influences, I’d say my peers and other musicians were my biggest influences. The musicians ranged from Outkast and Wu Tang; to Rancid and The Beatles; Kendrick and J.cole; Streetlight Manifesto and Pink Floyd; The Doors and Slightly Stoopid.. Everett Gibbons is my real name, and I was born in Everett, MA, lived on Everett St. and have carried the name since.
What specific area of New England Area do you rep? How has the local Hip Hop community accepted your music and movement?
I represent NH and Massachusetts. I reside about 5 minutes North of Lowell MA, in New Hampshire; 30 minutes north of Boston. The hip-hop community around here is best described as small, but passionate, a lot of artists supporting artists. I’m involved with a weekly hip-hop showcase called “Misery Loves Company” hosted by Cody Pope and Vatican Life, who put on big for the 603. I work the venue at which it’s hosted (Shoutout CARLO ROSE CIGAR BAR). The support is always real, and the place gives a lot of musicians a place to perform in front a crowd, that’s excited to be there.
Congrats on the success of your latest album release, “Dam(n) the Mainstream”. Feel free to break down the creative process of the project. (features, production, etc).
Thank you, a lot goes into a project like this. Inspiration, Delivery, Consciousness, Production and Marketing; while still trying to relate to a listener can be hard to “break down”. Wordplay and keeping your identity as an artist, to me, is crucial in today’s Hip-hop community. Production on “Dam(n) the Mainstream” ranges from Dos Gringos; a duo from the UK, to Boston’s own Louis Mackey and Killa K. Nextwon is from the CHI, and Commacomma is from Australia. All of these producers are professionals and we’re pleasures to work with; creating “Dam(n) the Mainstream”
Who are you top 5 MC & Producers?
That’s a tough question, but off the top, in no specific order…
Producers: Dr. Dre, Preemo, Rjd2, Blockhead, and Pete Rock.
MCS: Kendrick, J.cole, Andre 3000, GZA, and Slug.
What are your plans for getting your music out of your local city and let it circulate throughout the nation?
Social Media is becoming more and more important in today’s age. But I’m looking for unique opportunities to be more personal with my music. Earning new fans through face-to-face meetings, and relating to them. An internet buzz is dope, but I want people to know who I am, by talking with me, and feel comfortable approaching me with conversations about anything. I’m human too, it doesn’t need to be about just music.. Building that kind of positive buzz locally, is what I think will get me buzzing in other places that hear my music.
Are you looking forward to working with other artists near you? Or do you try to keep collabs at a minimum.
I’m down to work with anyone, as long as it’s mutually beneficial. There are a couple local cats I would work with but we’ll see.
What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?
Underground to me; staying true to yourself, and making the type of music your soul desires. Underground is “Dam(n) the Mainstream”
Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.
Find me at www.everettgibbons.com. My Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud links are all there on my website.
Lastly, and shout out?
Shoutout to all the people who give me honest feedback on my art. People who explain how they felt about my music, or tell me what my music made them feel have a huge roll in why I do this. Thank you for liking, disliking and relating to my music. Feel free to hit me up if you ever need to talk.
Thank You! Everett Gibbons “Dam(n) the Mainstream” - Underground Hip Hop Blog ARMANDO URENA JR

"New Artist Spotlight: WIT’s Everett Gibbons"

Wentworth Institute of Technology student, Everett Gibbons is bringing the heat. This young and upcoming artist is going to provide the funky beats, with his original mixtape the The Vent, available on soundcloud.
The Vent Tracklist
Old Soul
Explanation of Funk
Keep Em High ft. Dellakinetic
Gettin’ Well
The Fallout
The young buck is back at it after a year of anticipation for his next mixtape, Dam(n) the Mainstream, which dropped only seven days ago and is also available on his soundcloud. - Verge Campus U MASS Dartmouth Blake Sullivan

"Album Review: Everett Gibbons” Dam(n) The Mainstream”"

Coming off his underground 2015 album The Vent , Everett Gibbons is back with another solid hip hop album Dam(n) The Mainstream. Staying true to the art E.Gibbons delivers yet another dope project with much progression , juggling between wavy tracks like Garden (Produced by Golddigga) and falling back into Boom Bap mode on Leaves Of Grass (Produced By. Louis Mackey).Dam(n) The Mainstream offers a great variety of styles and sounds that you can vibe with. Hippe Van (Produced By. Nextwon) creates a groovy and energetic vibe, low key classic if you chill , relax and take in the feel of the track. Gibbons honestly paints pictures of love on each track, staying positive is key with this emcee and staying sharp on the mic. At first listen you will notice the sound that is Everett Gibbons by his strong lyrical prowess and his ear for great production and as always we enjoyed the new project Dam(n) The Mainstream , the consistency of music and dedication from Gibbons keeps us looking out for anything that drops under this young mans name. Check out both The Vent and Dam(n) The Mainstream today now streaming now on Soundcloud. - INDIE HIP HOP REVIEW

"Supper w/ Nash & Spo with Everett Gibbons and Renegade Cartel: 3.8.16"



Still working on that hot first release.



Reigning from the Northeast region, Everett Gibbons is a versatile lyricist who has a knack for catching ears with his dynamic flows and for raising eyebrows with his ability to relate to the listener. On any given night, you can find Everett performing at venues all around New England, from Portland, ME to Boston, MA.  He's found usually in the middle of a hip-hop based crowd, ciphering, networking or just chopping it up. ​

"Dam(n) the Mainstream" is a experimental project, in which the styles range from track to track. Enjoy your free download of this project, and be sure to keep an ear out for this up-and-coming artist. 

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