Everett Thomas

Everett Thomas


Everett Thomas is a modern folk artist who brings a soulful, emotive voice, simple yet striking arrangements and poetic, relevant songwriting to the modern music scene. He readily connects with an audience hungry for depth, inspiration, substance and hope.


As an artist, Everett Thomas is both deeply conflicted yet at complete rest, his lyrics are richly poetic yet accessible and his music, at once haunting and uplifting. These distinct tensions spring from a life which has experienced the pains of brokenness, disappointment and injustice as well as the joys of love, redemption and hope. His music reveals this tension and showcases his vulnerability as a writer and performer.

Thomas draws his biggest influences from the poets and songwriters that he grew up on. Artists ranged from favorites such as Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, and Gram Parsons to pioneers like Ralph Stanley, Johnny Cash, Paul Simon and Otis Redding. He also draws much inspiration from traditional hymns and old folk songs and spirituals, while Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone, The Velvet Underground and Ryan Adams are also among his biggest influences. The soft-spoken Thomas finds his place in the stories and words he finds in music, film, literature and life around him.


Fools & Thinkers (EP) 2007
"Skies Fall" is receiving radio airplay in SE Wisconsin
Whole EP streaming on www.myspace.com/everettthomasmusic

New full length album, "Visions of the Sea" due for release February 2009

Set List

Typical Sets:
90 min. set:15 songs (12 original, 3 cover)
60 min. set:11 songs (9 original, 2 cover)
30 min. Set: 6 songs (5 original, 1 cover)

Sets can be arranged in any way necessary in terms of length, original music, covers, etc.

Covers have included songs by Bob Dylan, James Brown, Neil Young, Bill Withers, Tom Waits, Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Led Zeppelin, Over the Rhine, Sigur Ros, Feist and many more.