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In September of 2007 Everfound released their first self titled EP. Tunes from the EP have been in rotation on independent radio stations across the nation.



"Colorful Alibis and Scandalous Smiles" is the debut full length album from Everfound. The songs were recorded in Thompson's Station, TN and were produced, engineered and mixed by Tommy Collier at the Red Room Studio.

If you tire of music that sounds like it was birthed out of some mass-market factory, then you’ll like – no you’ll adore – Everfound. The indie pop-rock band goes far beyond uttering silly love songs set to a soundtrack of commercial clutter. They’ve created deep, contemplative and interesting music that relates to everyday living.

And what is even more amazing is that all of this is produced by a young band. But this isn’t some fabricated boy band and they definitely aren’t the neighborhood garage band. With more than 150 performances in 2008, they’re quickly becoming seasoned performers.

No one writes their music for them. It’s all birthed in the family living room, gathered around an out of tune piano that gets a nightly makeover from a skilled craftsman. Forced out of Russia by religious and political persecution a decade ago, the Odnoralov family found a home in Colorado.

They’ve adapted. They’ve grown. They’ve learned. Now they’re inviting us to walk with them on their journey.

The piano-driven melodies are simply subtle. But don’t be fooled. In an instant the ambling brings you to a precipice – and then lets you fall head long into the music. The band accomplishes what few others do – music that lasts beyond the play button. The tunes will repeat in your head for hours and the lyrics might become a soundtrack to your daily life.

They are not "Coldplay", they are "Everfound", they are better!
- www.corezine.net

…their song writing seems somewhat unconventional. But alluring. And intriguing. And addictive. You can listen for a while, walk away, and literally be drawn back to it. The creativity and diversity are readily apparent on every single track. There are no cookie-cutter, formula songs here… Suffice to say that there’s no shallow end to the talent pool these guys draw from. Add to this one of the most gripping voices in the industry and you’ve got the making of a powerhouse release.
- Indie Vision Music

Everfound’s music is fresh and filled with the band’s own musical stamp of goodness.
- C.W. Ross

Everfound has struck that balance of listen-ability and depth that sets them apart from today’s music scene. Quite simply, the music of Everfound grips you and just doesn’t let you go!
-David Rupurt

…thought you should know that from the packaging to the music on the disc . . . it is good stuff…
-Jimmy Lakey