Original conscious roots Reggae music with some lovers’ rock in the mix, adding positive-celebratory lyrics with a tight mixture of drum and bass over which the melodic instruments add flavor and texture is EVER-G’s sound.


Everett Streete (EVER-G)
Recording Artist, Songwriter and Musician
EVER-G, born Everett G. Streete, has been exercising his musical gift since the tender age of 4 where he started singing at church and school functions. Born in the small district of Cash-Hill, Hanover Parish, Jamaica, EVER-G grew up listening to Reggae legends such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer and Dennis Brown. As a young man, he was also particularly fascinated and intrigued by Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions because of their intricate harmonies. Although these artists influenced him and the development of his musical style, G still managed to remain original and true to his own style of music. Over the years, EVER-G has truly formulated a unique, sophisticated sound, and continues to grow and evolve with passionate musical creativity.

As EVER-G attended Mt. Hannah Elementary School in Jamaica, he always enjoyed singing and performing whenever and wherever the opportunity presented itself. A scholarship took him to Rusea's High school, where he was privileged to perform with the school band at age 14. Two years later, he performed as the lead vocalist with the band. After graduating from high school, EVER-G went on to college and became the lead vocalist for the college band, also playing keyboards and guitar. This placed him in the public's eye and resulted in him appearing with other groups all while gaining exposure. During these early days of his musical career, he was also fortunate enough to create his “first recording at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Recording Studio, in Kingston, Jamaica. At this time, he was lead singer for the group "Children of Jah".

During all of this growing up, EVER-G's two loving parents and siblings were always looking out for him. Then, in 1984, EVER-G made the decision to migrate to the United States leaving his parents, one brother and two sisters behind in Jamaica. One of his brothers lives in England and two sisters reside in Canada. A very short time after arriving on the East Coast of the United States, EVER-G became known for his singing and for playing the Rhythm Guitar. In demand, he continued to gig, produce, and share within the American musical community. In 1997 EVER-G recorded and co-produced his first project in the US, a critically acclaimed CD for GurneyMan entitled Jah Gave Us Music.

In the late 1990’s EVER-G released his debut solo CD titled World Peace. His sophomore project Independence was released a few years later. EVER-G’s third and most recently released CD is appropriately titled Mission – It is said by some to be his best work yet. Mission tackles some of life’s most intense issues, from World War to environmental destruction to the agony and bliss of many forms of Love. It also offers practical wisdom and solutions, all based on the foundation of Goodness and Peace. It truly resonates EVER-G’s mission—one of Love and Harmony, and does so through the masterful sounds and rhythms of Reggae music. It demonstrates EVER-G’s growth as a master musician and as an authentic searcher of Life, willing to share his story with ALL. Each of the three CDs received rave reviews and are known for their positive, upbeat messages. For these releases, EVER-G has gained a great following by those who appreciate original roots reggae music. The uplifting and inspiring lyrical content have encouraged many a listener. EVER-G writes, arranges, produces and performs lead vocals for his CDs.

EVER-G & The Crew include EVER-G as lead vocalist, The Irieites as back-up singers, and The Crew which is the band. The Crew consists of 4 veteran musicians who have performed with several international reggae artists such as Joseph Hill & Culture, The Itals, The Abyssinians, Lucky Dube, Everton Blender & Mikey Dread.

EVER-G's music is inspired by what he most believes in; Jah, Peace, Love, Family and Life. It is such an honor to share with all of you reflections on these themes through the power of music.

Peace & Blessings,



Written By: Everett EVER-G Streete, May, 2002


I’ve got one life
So let me live
I’ve got one love
So, that’s what I’ll give.

VS 1

There is so much trouble, in the world today
Fear and despair, it’s all over the news.
This should not be happening, I heard some say
All if this violence, just give me the blues.

VS 2

Will things ever get better, is there hope for tomorrow
The people in charge say that they have a plan
To stop the violence, and end all the sorrow
This will take every child, woman and man.

VS 3

Violence will cease, if we care about each other.
Just show some love, to the people you meet today
Just treat them like a sister or a brother
Please show some love, today and everyday

World Peace

Written By: Everett “EVER-G” Streete


World Peace, we really need, really need to have some
World Peace, People everywhere, are trying to get some
World Peace, War is the enemy, standing in the way of
World Peace, War is not the answer, give peace a try…


Brothers are fighting brothers, sisters fighting sisters,
Nations war ‘gainst nations, Kingdoms against kingdoms
Stop the fussing and the fighting, for the next generation sake
The lying cheating backbiting, destruction they shall make - I say


VS 2.

People inna Africa, are fighting
People in America, are fighting
People inna Asia, are fighting
People inna Europe, are dying
War mongers, do you really know the price of war?
Innocent people die, while you sit up in your fancy car..


VS 3.

What about the innocent blood, that they shed everyday?
And for the victims of war, tell me who is gonna pay?
I’m singing for World Peace………


CHRISTMAS MOOD© 2006 (10 songs)
Executive Producers Everett Street & Peanut
Mixed by Larry Carr and Everett Streete at Woodhouse Recording.
EVER-G - Lead Vocals
Background vocals - Tiesha Coleman and Pamela Jo Sward.

MISSION © 2005 (12 songs)
Mixed by Larry Carr and Everett Streete at Woodhouse Recording.
EVER-G - Lead Vocals
Ambrose Connor - Drums & percussion
Mongezi Ntaka - Rhythm & lead guitar
Background vocals - Cecile Elliott, Mary Kelley, and Tiesha Coleman.

INDEPENDENCE © 2003 (15 songs)
Mixed by Larry Carr and Everett Streete at Woodhouse Recording.
EVER-G - lead & background vocals, piano
Pierre Stone - Bass & Keys
Ambrose Connor - Drums & percussion
Mongezi Ntaka - Rhythm & lead guitar
Ras Mel - Lead guitar
Pamela Jo Sward - background vocals

WORLD PEACE © 1999 (14 songs)
Mixed by Larry Carr and Everett Streete at Woodhouse Recording.
EVER-G: lead vocals, background vocals, rhythm guitar & pick guitar.

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EVER-G's high-energy performances includes a mix of original songs and covers from artists like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Dennis Brown.

The show is ideal for keeping a diverse audience entertained from 1-3 hours, indoors or outside.

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