Everlasting Souljas

Everlasting Souljas

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Everlasting Souljas vision is to reach out to the world and encourage people to believe and receive Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior; thus building a sanctuary for the presence of God in the hearts of men giving God the glory in every aspect of their ministry.


We feel music is one of the most influencial items in today's society that involves the youth. We are a Group sent by God to minister the word of God through music ministry.
We see ourselves set apart from all other ministries because God called us to minnister His Word through all forms of ministry with music being the most predominate.
Our testimonies are truely our greatest influence. We know what it is like to live by our flesh and we know how things can change when you operate by the Spirit.
On September 10, 1999 the group Everlasting Souljas was formed. The name Everlasting Souljas means a continuous fight to wins souls for the Kingdom of God.


Here Comes Jesus
Throw them Bows

Set List

A typical set is 2 songs. We normally do about a 15 minute set.