Everless is a dynamic up coming Rock/alternative band who's members are teens between 14 and 19 years old.


Born in Canada from musician parents, Antony, Philip, Jordan and Joe grew up influenced by all kinds of music. They started at an early age playing their instruments, and always dreamed of starting their own rock band. Alex is American and plays bass since many years, when he joined a metal band with his friends.
They all met at their High school, when Jordan and her brothers moved in the USA with their parents.
Their influences are Flyleaf, Atreyu, Led Zeppelin, Paramore, Nickleback, Janis Joplin, Bullet for my Valentine, Heart etc. Even at their young ages (members are between 14 and 19 years old), they definitely make each song their own.
They are already working on their first album with original songs, written by them and various writers such as Aldo Nova, Jeff Nystrom etc.

Set List

We usually play 2 sets of one hour each or 1 long set of 1 1/2 hour. Right now, we play covers. Here is our set list:
All around me
Crush, crush, crush
Becoming the bull
All these things
Peace of my heart
Fully alive
Alexis on fire
Dragon attack
Are you gonna be my girl
Animal I have become
If everyone cared
This is how you remind me
Edge of seventeen
Come together