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"Everlit Talk ‘Renovate’ EP, ‘Break Away’ Video + More Read More: Everlit Talk 'Renovate' EP, 'Break Away' Video + More | http://loudwire.com/everlit-renovate-ep-break-away-video-more/?trackback=tsmclip"

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"Everlit – Renovate (Music Review)"

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"Philly rockers Everlit drop hot new EP 'Renovate'"

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"Meet Everlit - The Next Big Thing in Mainstream Rock"

Formerly a part of the rock outfit Willpowerless, Jordan and Ryan Panfil are on to some big things with their new rock outfit Everlit. Meet the band and read what guitarist Jordan said about the formation of the band and their new EP.

Ryan and Jordan Panfil are brothers that have always done everything together. They grew up together (obviously), they live together, they run their own business together, and they play in a band together. In fact, they’re on their second band together.

“We all played in Willpowerless together, three of us did anyway,” guitarist Jordan Panfil said in an interview with Alternative Addiction, referring to himself, vocalist and brother Ryan, and drummer Jacob Castro. “We went out on some big tours and things were going really well and then we had a falling out with our guitar player. It kind of put things to a halt and forced us to really examine the band. We decided to retire the name. We had gotten some feedback that it wasn’t a very good, so we changed that. We changed the style and we changed the name of the band name to Everlit. Then we got a new guitar player (Anthony Michael) and I switched from bass to guitar and we got a new bassist (Kyle Wegman).

With the new name, the new approach, the new lineup, and the new attitude in place, the band needed new music too. They enlisted the help of producer Taylor Larson to guide them to their next sound. It was a great decision because with the help of Larson, Everlit was able to make their Renovate EP

“He did a great job,” said Jordan of the producer. “The old Willpowerless fans have loved the new EP and we’ve gotten a lot of new fans out of it too. One of the best things about Taylor, not only is he a good engineer, he knows how to pick through a song and he’s great at figuring out what would be best for the melody and the lyrics. He can really tighten up a song. Everything we did with the old band, we brought in the songs and they left the same way they came in, they just sounded better. Taylor was able to tell us what was good and bad about the songs and he helped us work on them. Overall, it was a really good experience.”

The result of working with Larson is a raucous mainstream rock EP that you really don’t hear from independent bands, not in the past five years anyway. It’s loud, it’s aggressive, but best of all, it’s melodic too. The band has a bit of everything rock fans like on the EP and they’re hoping it leads them to big things in 2016.

“We went out and played with some big bands like In This Moment and that was a ton of fun,” said Jordan talking about their summer. “But we really want to get out there and tour some more. We’re working on a couple of different things and we’re really looking forward to 2016. We’d love to be a part of SXSW and we’d love to be a part of a lot of different festivals too. We’re working on building up stuff right now and we’re working on writing new music too.”

If the new music is anything like their current EP, we’re in for something good. As for those festivals and SXSW, trust us when we say they should probably look the guys from Everlit up. They’ll put on a hell of a show. - Alternative Addication

"Everlit - Renovate - Album - Review"

Everlit have just dropped their new EP ‘Renovate’!
The band came together in high school in Bucks County, PA and has been making music together for more than 12 years. Their new EP was released on 23rd June through the RDC Media Group.

Originally the band was named Willpowerless, and they released three albums and an EP while touring extensively on the East Coast and MidWest, playing dates from Minnesota to Texas.

Willpowerless also performed on several Warped Tour dates over the years, as well as, touring with National acts like Taproot, In This Moment, American Head Charge, and Boy Hits Car. However, at the end of 2013 the members decided that Willpowerless had run its course and they disbanded and retired the name.

This lead to the formation of Everlit and the band is comprised of Ryan Panfil (vocals), Jordan Panfil (guitar), Jacob Castro (drums and vocals) and Anthony Michael (guitar).

Now Everlit are here with their new EP ‘Renovate’ which features five tracks:

-A Phoenix Will Rise
-Break Away – Brand New
-Square One
-Black Out

‘Renovate’ is an EP you are going to want to have in your life! With the EP’s over all hard rock sound, it demands to be listened to with its energetic and impactful style to it. Ready to get you on your feet and fists pumping in the air.

But this is also a release that brings an element of other genres, with a little bit of classic rock and post-hardcore, it creates a release with a solid sound.

‘Renovate’ really shows off the musical talent and the chemistry of this band so well, with a complex sound, filled with guitar riffs, pounding drums, hooks, well written lyrics and powerful vocals to go with them.

This is really an EP you are going to want to listen to, you won't regret it. Plus with lyrics this good, you’ll have a hard time resisting a listen and especially the replay button!

Stand out tracks:

-Break Away
-Square One - Shout It Loud Reviews


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'Renovate' EP - June 23, 2015
Produced by Taylor Larson

'R.E.D.' Single - April 15, 2016
Produced by Taylor Larson



Everlit formed in late 2014 but have a long history of friendship and a shared passion for music. That long association can be heard in the powerful mainstream rock music of their debut EP “Renovate”, which was officially released on June 23rd, 2015 through the RDC Media Group.

The band got off to a fast start at radio, with single “Break Away” being the most added song on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Indicator chart the week of April 23rd. The track peaked at #35 on the week of June 30th.  “Break Away” was released commercially on 4/28, with an exclusive video premier through Loudwire.com and can be seen here.

“Break Away” spent 20 consecutive weeks in the top 10 on Loudwire’s Battle Royale and “Renovate” has received great reviews from Loudwire, AXS, National Rock Review, Shout It Loud Reviews, Examiner.com, and more. The band has performed live at the Launch Music conference in Lancaster, PA, along with live dates with In This Moment, Otherwise, Trapt, 36 Crazyfists, Boy Hits Car, Burn Halo, and Black Tide. 

The band will continue to announce tour dates in support of their release of “Renovate” and their upcoming new single "R.E.D." which will be released to the public on April 15th, 2016. 

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