EVERLONG is a hard rocking band looking to party with their audience. Hear them once and you're hooked.


EVERLONG is a hard rock band based out of Meadow Lake, SK. With the 2 CD's and a 3rd on the way, it shows these boys are in it for the long haul. Their repertoire consists of classic and modern rock and hard rock songs along with brand new original material.

EVERLONG has developed a strong following in every venue they’ve played in, and with the help of several radio stations and newspapers, they continue to gain more fans.

All of these guys have worked most of their lives honing their skills and have come together to create some fun, exciting music. Their live show is designed to take the listener on a dynamic, musical, rollercoaster ride.


The Addict

Written By: S.Goifu, J.Robinson, J.Macearchern

Do you think you know me well. Then tell me whats my kind.
Truth is all I want from you.
To sell another piece of mind.

Now there is an oil leak in your machine.
I know that you despise.
You don't see that,
when I'm me the, truth is what I realize.

Ooh, I can take you there, Ooh.

You gotta fly, if you wanna see. So whats you problem with me.

Whats you problem with the addict?
Why do you turn your head away. Is it because he lets his mind go, Where you and yours would never dare to stray.

Whats your problem with the addict?
Why does he make you so uptight. Is it the fact that he ignores you, when you tell him he didn't turn out right.

How Bad

Written By: M.Lister, M. Ireland

All my life,
I wondered, what I am to you
No one there, to show me, what I'm s'posed to do
One chance left, I need to, find out who I am
Bearing down, are the, feelings that I've spent

You don't know how bad it feels I beg, while you stand, I kneel

A choice was made, to keep me, left here in the dark
Like a child, you told me, lies right from the start
Change my life, change my, heart and my soul
Heal me now, before my, my pain takes control


Written By: S.Goifu, J.Robinson, J.Maceachern

Someone save me from myself, I lost my mind today.
Pushed so hard to find the truth, I have driven it away.

Everytime I think I have found.
Just what I am searching for. Someting picks me up and puts me, where i was before.

I try to make it on my own, but I always seem to bleed.
I only know one thing for sure, I know just what i need.

Everytime I think I have found.
Just what I am searching for. Someting picks me up and puts me, where i was before.

It is the same old thing. Please, please deliver me.


EVERLONG - What's Inside Produced by EVERLONG
Released May 2005
How Bad - Radio play in Saskatchewan and parts of Alberta.
Waiting for Mine - Radio play in Sask.
EVERLONG is featured on Tahoe Films "Sled Heads" DVD which is distributed in N.America, Sweden, and Norway.
EVERLONG can also be heard on Garageband.com
2nd LP "Derailed" released in Sept '06.
Single - "In Memory Of..." Radio play across Saskatchewan
Currently working on 3rd album.

Set List

What’s Inside – Everlong
Deliverance – Everlong
How Bad – Everlong
This Time – Everlong
The Addict – Everlong
Faded – Everlong
You’re Not the Only One – Everlong
Waiting For Mine – Everlong
Perfect World – Everlong
Just A Mess - Everlong
When you Feel - Everlong
Scarred - Everlong
Get it On - Everlong
Why Pt. 2 - Collective Soul
Shinedown - Godsmack
Whiskey in the Jar - Metallica
My Own Prison - Creed
Breath - Breaking Benjamins
Leader of Men - Nickelback
You May Be Right - Billy Joel
Forever - Papa Roach
Woke up this Morning - Nazareth
Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
Kryptonite - Three Doors Down
Save Me - Shinedown
Breakdown - Tantric
Pain - Three Days Grace
One - Creed
Nothing Could Come Between Us - Theory of a Deadman
Paranoid - Black Sabbath
White Wedding - Billy Idol
Turn On Your Reciever - Nazareth
Pride & Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughn
Figured You Out - Nickelback
Show Me How To Live - Audioslave
Whatever - Godsmack
Keep Away - Godsmack
Hurts So