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Ever Outward



The members of EVER OUTWARD are actively involved in serving the Lord, Jesus Christ in the music ministry at their hometown Church near Buffalo, New York. After serving together for the past few years and with friendships starting to grow, the guys began collaborating on their own musical project, and thus, EVER OUTWARD was born. The band has just finished recording their album titled, "The Season Ahead" and the CD should be made readily available for purchase in April 2008. Hopeful for the continued blessing of the Lord, EVEROUTWARD is very excited to get out there and start meeting all of you. *God Bless*


"You Alone"

Written By: Nick Kish/Benji Cowart

Merciful Father
almighty King
wonderful Savior
Lord of everything
you hold all power
all glory and honor
you alone
you alone are worthy
you alone
you alone are holy
you're steady and
relentless in your love
you satisfy our longing
to praise your glorious
matchless King
you hold everything.


Written By: Nick Kish/Karl Petersen

I was lost but now I'm found
in my love for you
i drown out the sound
of this crazy world
that surrounds me
i will follow
if you will lead me on
with your grace
that delivered me
with your grace i'm free
when i'm blind you will see
when i fall
you will reach
when i grow too weak
you will carry me
to a place where we can fall
in love
i'm cold and i am tired
won't you come and stay forever with me
i'm staring at the starlight
shining on down on me.


Written By: Kish/Cowart

let my mouth speak
in praise
to only you
exalting just your name
in all the earth
i will rise up with a cry
declaring your glory
write in me
a song to sing aloud
a melody
that rises to you now
im on my knees again
sovereign King
let every breath be spent
to extol your fame
name above all
we sing to you
there's no other god
there's only you


Written By: Nick Kish

in desperation i fall to my knees
wanting just for you to break me
from the chains that i keep layin
on a heart that you've made
to be free
come rescue me
i don't understand
what you have planned
but can you help me now
to excape from a life
that i've built on my own
please save me raise me
come and take my hand
i want you to lead me
across this barren land
thoughts that i have trusted
are tearing me apart
clenching at my bones
searching for a window
a door to let me out
your love to lift me out


Ever Outward - "The Season Ahead" EP (2008)

*Several tracks are listed for play on our Ever Outward MySpace webpage (http://www.myspace.com/nickkishproject)