ever since ebbwood

ever since ebbwood


We put stage performance at the top of our list. After doing numerous shows, our sound is tight and the show is high energy. We have been professionally produced and appeal to teenagers and young adults


All of the members of this band have been in several bands before so we all have experience. We practice at least three times a week and play the biggest venues in maryland. Our influences include taking back sunday, paramore, and some classic rock. We are different from other bands because we put the fans as our top priority. We play the show for them in hopes that they have the time of their lives


Our new ep is self-titles. It's tracks include:
damaged, a blinded wreck
he said, she said
you can taste it in the air
let's vent

We have been on the radio before

Set List

Our set list is usually 7-8 songs. We do not stop playing. We incorporate creative transitions and give much thought to the purpose of each of our songs and where they should be in the set. We may do covers depending on the show and the crowd and on whether they have seen us before. Our sets are 30-40 mintues