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NEW Classic Rock, a spectrum from modern day rebellious indie-rock to the sexy torch sound from the speakeasy era.


EversoJake is a class act! Their creative songwriting, inspiring vocals, and outstanding musicianship create a very unique presentation, yet very welcoming allure to a wide demographic. The music is primarily guitar driven rock incorporating classic rock, blues, jazz, and country styles. The lyric and vocal style is something to behold covering a spectrum from modern day rebellious indie-rock to the sexy torch sound from the speakeasy era.

EversoJake? During the band's initial shows, various audience members and fellow musicians suggested that, together, the band members portrayed the essence of a circa-1920's, prohibition-era band that might be found jamming at your local juice joint. Whether it was because of their enjoyment of martinis or their portrayal of a "party-like-it's-illegal" kind of style, the comparisons were drawn. They were very "jake". In 1920's Chicago, "Jake" was a slang term for "cool." Thus evolved: "EversoJake" -- the band's homage to the euphoria often experienced when doing what you love (and drinking martinis).

In early 2006, EversoJake finalized its cast of characters and began performing throughout their hometown, Chicago. Performances are dynamic, ranging from bare essential acoustic shows to the incorporation of extra talent to achieve that perfect “recording-studio” produced sound. Energetic guitar playing and seductive singing make the band’s visual presence exciting -- some would even say mesmerizing.

Songwriting is EversoJake's cornerstone. This is evident on their debut CD “If it Makes a Good Story”. “If it Makes a Good Story” is currently being marketed on iTunes, CD Baby, and PayPlay.FM. Additional avenues are being surveyed daily to pursue both sales and publishing/licensing opportunities. The band has already generated fans and sales in Europe via their first tour of Germany.

ESJ fits the bill and hits the mark whether their music is pouring out of a personal stereo system, setting a mood for television / movies, floating through a coffee shop during an acoustic set, or blazing from a festival stage. EversoJake is a versatile band you do not want to miss.



Written By: Walker / Kuzel

She said, "Sweetheart, it's a beautiful life,
there are roses and angels and bright stars in the sky.
Life is what you make it,
If it's love you want, you take it."
But she's always such an optimistic person,
She's always a liar.

And I say, "Welcome! To my real world,
where your roses only die once they're given,
and they ain't got shit to do with
what makes this life worth living."
But I'm always such a realistic person.
I'm always on fire.

I'm a dreamer, yeah
I'm a dreamer.
I'm a dreamer,
I am.

I said, "You know I dream just like you do at night,
it's just not so much love that occupies my mind,
it's more: finding peace in a well-written song,
or making horrifying mistakes but surviving on my own.
And if there's one thing I've learned, living my life this long,
it's how to go to sleep hopeless, but wake up strong."
Cuz I'm a dreamer, yeah
I'm a dreamer.
I'm a dreamer,
I am.

And she said, "My god, don't you believe in love?"
And I said, "About as much as I believe in god."
But I do remember when you spoke of love and you sang me songs and you taught me what's right.
And I'm sorry if I didn't end up as beautiful as you thought I might.

But I'm a dreamer
If only in my head, but I still am.
I said I'm a dreamer, yeah,
I am.

I'm a dreamer, yeah
I'm a dreamer.
I'm a dreamer,
I am.
I am.

Better Run

Written By: Kuzel

You get up early on a cold rainy day,
the coffee’s on, it's time to play.
You maybe wrong, but you maybe right,
did you really kill in the middle of the night?

You get in your car and you drive downtown,
to your surprise there's not a soul around.
The rhythm of the rain is coming down on you,
you better run boy, cause they're looking for you.

Better run, better buy a gun, better take a hostage or two,
A high speed chase is what you’re looking for man, and they'll accommodate you.

Better cry, better learn how to lie better say they beat up on you,
They have no case, you left no trace, and that alibi too.

Some months later and the rain is gone,
the top is down and the woman abound.
Slick work of the system put you back on the street,
some nickel and dimin’ put you back on your feet.

A twitch of fear comes from deep inside,
when you realize that you just can't hide.
Laying on the stretcher as they wheel you away,
a voice in your head, it begins to say "Yeah,"


Downtown Charlie

Written By: Walker/Kuzel/Hodes/ Kusama/Lee

I noticed an upside to your downtown, just the other day.
A bit more stop than go, but filled with lights and radio shows.
And I rage, but I sing all the way.
And the man on the radio is telling me,
"it's alright now, baby, it's okay."

I noticed a color-TV, Charlie Chaplin way
about you.
A bit more loon-crazy than toon-crazy, but you do it so well.
You're a misfit who doesn't miss fitting in
cuz all the voices keep telling you:
"It's alright, child, you're always gonna' win."

You love my potty mouth, my gutter mind, I'm more resourceful than you thought you'd find, you said.
And I've got this crippling way of smiling while I'm devastated.
And it makes me hard when I should not be.
And the crazy fucked-up thing about it is, I know it makes you moreso,
and yet it's still alright with me.

You force each night to feel like fight or flight, and I'm losing my place, forgetting my lines, and
I'm left here frozen, hoping you might find me all too charming and I,
I find it all too alarming how hard I try not to try.
When you can just whisper to me,
"It's alright baby, just relax now, it's alright."
and then it's alright
it's alright.
It's alright downtown Charlie. It's alright downtown.

It's alright downtown

Bleeding Through the Keys

Written By: Walker / Kuzel

Bleeding through the keys, but I can't hold a tune,
and I know, there's something to say to you,
but no matter how I try, it don't come out right…
it goes something like this... no... not quite

And I'm fumbling through the minor chords to make it sound sad,
but it just doesn't fit, you're the best that I’ve had.
And I don't mean to sound bitter, cuz I'm really not mad --
I'm just oh, so, bad at this.

Chorus 1:
And no, you don't understand me at all, cuz I can't explain myself in a song so well cuz oh!
I'm just drunk all the time,
But it's just not my job to do everything right.

I had this really great verse that I know you would have liked,
cuz it made you sound beautiful, it made you seem nice.
And though the notes were pretty they'd have made me a liar,
so I threw them all away and I set them on fire

Chorus 2:
And no, you don't know me at all, you said, cuz oh! You can’t hear me when I talk, you said, cuz oh! I just scream all time, but it’s just not my job to scream everything right.

So despite the confusion, you've taught me a lot.
Though it's hard to write down, it's not all for naught,
cuz the one thing I learned from that time in my life,
If it makes a good story, it makes a good life!

Chorus 2, 1, 2


If it Makes a Good Story

Set List

Our sets vary to keep things fresh, structured with original material as well as adaptations of covers songs. We are flexible regarding set times etc. and will oblige scheduling needs. The follow lists are currently what we draw from when creating sets. Some songs have multiple arrangements to accommodate for diverse performances (from acoustic only shows, up to full band extravaganzas).

Originals from our CD “If It Makes a good Story”:

1. Dreamer
2. Downtown Charlie
3. You don’t Know
4. Nothing Left
5. N’Orleans
6. Bleeding Through the Keys
7. The Other Lover
8. The Weight (cover of the Band’s classic)
9. Better Run

New / Other Originals:

1. Number 3
2. One of my Moods
3. When you have Time
4. Grow up Willow


1. All your Lovin
2. Suspicion
3. Take me to the River
4. Just Won’t Burn
5. Angel
6. Self Destructive Blues
7. Rather Go Blind
8. Going Down
9. Jail House
10. The Sky is Crying
11. Hard to Be
12. Like a M