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"Top of Their Game"

"The record 'Wrongy Dong' gives no clue to its quick inception, filled with ten tight tracks played by musicians at the top of their game." - Tyson Lynn - Disheveled Magazine

"A Deeply Danceable Affair"

"As you might expect from a band that prides itself on FUNK, Everstone is a deeply danceable affair." - Jason Meyer - Straight Up Magazine

"Everstone: Not Wrapped Too Tight"

"Everstone is not wrapped too tight judging from their live presentation. They're known for donning anything that involves long underwear, biohazard glasses and red velvet robes onstage. Whatever it is it's got to be funky." - Isamu Jordan - Spokesman Review

"The Talent to do Almost Anything"

"This band has the talent and the technique to do almost anything they want. A great deal of this work (Wrongy Dong) is satisfying on any level." - Jay Ricki - Westsound Weekly


Wrongy Dong



Everstone’s conception was fairly typical, just four guys disturbing the peace in a quiet Seattle neighborhood in 2004. The quartet consisted of frontman/composer FunkLove, guitarist RL Heyer a.k.a. “Otis”, bassist “Nasty” Shane Smith and Ivo Nakov on drums.
With catchy funk grooves, a few hooks and a little improvisation, it took Everstone little time to compose a set of their signature style funk. Upon playing just a handful of shows, they recorded their debut album “Wrongy Dong” in May of 2005. It was tracked in only two days. Disheveled Magazine wrote, “Wrongy Dong gives no clue to its quick conception, filled with 10 tight tracks played by musicians at the top of their game.”
Though “Wrongy Dong” generated rave reviews, the foundation of Everstone’s reputation is its live performance. The Energetic Funkers have been known to take the stage wearing: lumberjack pajamas, A Clockwork Orange attire, space-pimp uniforms or sporting double mohawks, a super-sized afro and a smile. They have shared bills with, STEELY DAN, MICHAEL McDONALD, FLOWMOTION, Claude Coleman’s AMANDLA, ALTERED STATES of FUNK, LA PUSH, BLUSIRKIT, SUPER SONIC SOUL PIMPS, IN LAKE’CH, JAMES WHITON & the Downtown Apostles, THE PANDA CONSPIRACY, NOVATONE, & TRWST.
In December of 2005 Everstone parted ways with drummer Ivo Nakov and hired Denali “Uncle Pooch” Williams. A few months after the roster change, the quartet expanded the group adding vocalist Janell Hartman a.k.a. “Jane XI”. Now a quintet, they continued writing while keeping up a vigorous performance schedule.
In the summer of 2006, tragedy struck the band with the loss of guitarist RL Heyer to complete brain failure. But Everstone was far from finished. Audition after audition, they found a guitarist/vocalist with the right chemistry, knowledge and feel, Tony Stevens.
Shortly after the addition of Stevens, Everstone went back into the studio to record a brand new single, “Funk the Slippy”. This down tempo, groove-monster of a track put Everstone on the college and internet radio map. (“Funk the Slippy” will also appear on Everstone’s up & coming album, “Gangster, Space, Marmoset”.)
Everstone continues to bring their NASTY FUNK PARTY to venues throughout the Northwest, with a second album to be released in 2007.