This hardcore Christian rock band wants nothing else than to point the whole world to Jesus. With challenging lyrics, pounding guitars, and amazing vocals, Everthorn could be a very influential band in this decade.

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Guns and Pens

Written By: Everthorn

I watched my brother die running
Trying to escape the tyranny
When the democratic dictator
Took a bold stand, leaving me torn

Armored tanks,
Symbols of hope to come
We build our broken lives
And our homes
I weep in joy
That you remembered me
Through guns and pens
Ill be free

I was there when the statue fell
I looked on from my six foot cell
As the democratic dictator
Took his last stand, and fell to the floor

Screaming Whispers

Written By: Everthorn

Can you not hear the whispers?
Inside it's mauling and gnawing
at my soul
Can you not hear the screaming?
I feel powerless filling up the mold

All the world's intriguing when I
have nothing

Screaming whispers
Calling my name
What am I supposed to do?
But give myself, give it up to You
Ive seen and done it all
What makes You different?
What makes me fall?
I give you everything, I give You me

Hopeless investigation
Ive seen it all and done it all
Nothing satisfies the same
Im tired of playing all these games
No more stalling.

Can you hear them?
Can you hear the whispers?

Operating Lights

Written By: Everthorn

Funeral four hurts more than the
Sister I will miss your smile
Even now I hear your laugh and I

I drain my own blood
And I lose consciousness to the

Flowers fill a dead and empty room
No rose will ease this pain
I cannot sleep in this house;
I think I'll stay in the rain

I drain my own blood
And I lose consciousness to the
Pull back the operating lights
I have regained my own sight

Jesus I touched your hands
I'm sorry I forgot the holes
Jesus I hurt so much
I'm coming home...


From the Depths, I Cry -- 2006

Set List

The set: Screaming Whispers, Serenity, Sign of Solitude, Operating Lights, Guns and Pens, Drifting Away, The Beast and Its Mist, Another Sick Rush, Stating The Warning.

We can play up to an hour set with all of our own music.