Everthus the Deadbeats

Everthus the Deadbeats


Everthus the Deadbeats draw sonic comparisons to glam kingpins David Bowie and Electric Light Orchestra, while simultaneously shifting to create "amorphous landscapes" and "a disarming sound that is equal parts the Stranglers, Tilly And The Wall and the soundtrack from The Rocky Horror Picture Show"


Songs can be defined as dreams manifested from one's subconscious mind into the material plane. In that sense, "John Kill and the Microscopic Lullaby," the new full length album release from Everthus the Deadbeats, can be seen as a collection of dreams from the subconscious mind of John Kill. And, as in dreams, Mr. Kill encounters a number of mysterious characters who all have an important message for him, curiously shrouded in symbols. From a prostitute to a bride to three menacing doctors, all of the characters Kill comes to meet are reflections of his own buried psyche. The overall puzzle that our hero is attempting to piece together is the same riddle that none of us can ignore: our own existence. Will Mr. Kill wake up to find a new sense of enlightenment has filled his bones, or will his awakening only blur the details of his strange journey?

This 52 minute collage is quite an ambitious project for the Indianapolis glam protégés. Drawing from a multitude of influences and with much creative friendly assistance, Everthus the Deadbeats have crafted a 15 song collection that is eloquent, entertaining, mystifying, and enlightening. Innovative tracks such as the sinister spy theme "Tommy Wommy" and the quirky slam-dance "Hwhudya" compel listeners through a disco gauntlet, while the epic and ethereal "23" and gentle "Sweetie" inspire meditation and contemplation. The sum of this eclectic masterwork is an absolute analysis of the lucid subconscious mind, where a young man's journey for subliminal truth develops into a full- spectrum imaginary experience.


Some Terry's

Written By: John Muylle and Everthus the Deadbeats

Some Terry's dare to wear their addictions on their sleaves. But I've never really cared too much for that. Why advertise the threads of your demise? When you could be sparkling like we are!

Some Chaps think the pink is all that you really need. Buy a few clinky drinks and take her home. But that philosophy is filled with holes you'll see. They'll never be satisfied like we are.

We've always liked to be a bit more than you could ever fit in your common day to day boring personality.

One side of Jack's and Jill's too busy sucking thrills out of life. Which color best defines you? Red, green, or is it blue? Better to be recognized than to see through someone else's eyes. They'll never be gutty like we are.

We've always liked to be a bit more than you could ever fit in your common day to day boring personality.


Trevor Dust the Bedsheets

Written By: John Muylle and Everthus the Deadbeats

Get your ass in the pilot's seat and grip the yoke with your fist. Get your man in the cross hairs, baby, with just a flick of the wrist. Droppin' bombs on a city, honey, he sees it in his dreams. He loves to see them running crazy, he loves to hear their screams when they say:

La La La La LaLaLaLa!

Trevor dust the bedsheets, leave your bags in the hall. Don't wanna see you around here again, Don't wanna see you at all.

Red Red Red blood on my hands, can't scrub it away. Dead Dead Dead Head on my back, can't you smell the decay. If I could only give myself an ordinary life, I'd sell these guns right away. May just be a little nicer to my wife. Just need an easier way!

Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes, what a stupid rule. Sometimes I feel like a brain-washed rat, sometimes I feel like a fool. It's much easier to kill a man when he's miles away. I better get a fuckin medal for this, or kill the severance pay.

La La La La LaLaLaLa!


John Kill & the Microscopic Lullabye LP - Standard Recording (February 2008)

Addicts Stuck in Traffic EP - Standard Recording (November 2006)
1. Blackout
2. Lotta Faith in this Product
3. She
4. Human Paraquat
5. Trevor Dust the Bedsheets
6. Some Terry's

Deadbeats/Everything Now! Vinyl Split - Standard Recording (November 2006)

A Very Standard Christmas - Standard Recording (December 2006)

Set List

1. Some Terry's
2. Woman
3. She
4. Tommy Wommy
5. John Kill Visits the Doctor
6. Blackout
7. Set My Demons Free
8. Human Paraquat
9. Trevor Dust the Bedsheets