Ever Under

Ever Under


Keep your ears to the street and listen underground, you'll hear everunder and it is going to get louder!


Everunder is a three piece rock band from Boston Massachusetts.
Take blues-basic classic rock 'n' roll grooves, and a good amount of chemical and spirtual inspiration. Throw down a catchy tempo, and mix in a strip-down song writng sense.
You are left with a decorative and artistic description of Ever Under's sound;

In three words:
Ever Under rocks.

Live the band will do just that.....rock. Their intense performances will shake and rattle your body right down to the socks. The music is presented to the audience via high energy, colorful displays of raw soul. In the world of artistic expression there can never be a best, but all in all Ever under stands alone from the rest. Their hot post-punk garge style rock lends itself to many influences, however sounds like nothing ever created.
Still no matter who is who, no matter what's in or what's now, the main influence of this band is the passion and pride of creating music. Hopefully all can and will enjoy.

Keep your ears to the street and listen underground. That sound you will hear is Ever Under, and it's going to get a hell of a lot louder!


"Stubborn"Single July2007
****DEBUT LP NOVEMBER 2008****

Set List

What songs we play from our list depends on the time block allowed. For 25 min sets, we have what we call a "seven song super set". This Totals about 21 min straight through,with crowd interaction about 25 mins exactly....
When we write and arrange music, we group the songs into set lists.
We time every rehearsal of these groups and can better plan our performances effectively for what type of situation (time wise)we encounter.
Here is a 4 song block Example:
Title Time
Q in the mystery 2:08
Hairline 3:37
Stubborn 2:57
On the door 2:45

Blocks generally always land between 10 and 12 mins.

We play two covers regularly, Mr. Moustache from Nirvana and For all the Cows from Foo Fighters. We can play a whole bunch of stuff...and usually improvise covers depending on the mood and crowd. These range from anywhere from green day to jack johnson.