Our music is positive, fun, entertaining, energetic & different. Also, you wouldn't expect to hear this type of sound coming from four white kids from Connecticut. We write songs that could be categorized into several different genres, but the message always stays clear...Live Now


From the pinnacle of their home in the studio, Doug, Mike, Roc and Jeff have been jamming for awhile. The brothers McGinley have had music in their lives since birth: Mom was a singer, Dad a guitarist. For Doug it was an influence derived from his older cousin to begin playing drums, who was a professionally trained percussionist. So for over the last 10 years he has been playing... Mike grew up playing saxophone. Five years ago he picked up a guitar and began the evolutionary quest. Mike's two best friends Jeff Abel and Rocco Tondalo started a band with him in 2003 under the name Bold 72. Rocco had been playing bass a few years and was heavily influenced by reggae music. Jeff was a 13 year old drummer who had more talent than most his age. Mike had yet to begin singing and at that juncture they had another friend singing lead vocals. But Doug had been putting the pressure on Mike to begin singing. He saw something in his brother that Mike had yet to see in himself... When Doug's former band, Destroy the Moon, left for Florida, he was very distraught. As Mike's band was getting better, the two started jamming every once in awhile. Soon enough they joined up, taught Jeff guitar, and Mike stepped up to lead vocals. The four embarked on a musical journey that has still yet to seriously take flight. The brothers would soon begin their development into a music writing machine, writing and recording in their home studio with Doug at the helm of production. The four home bred Branford boys are doing what they love and loving what they do: making amazing, original music for all to enjoy.


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Set List

Typical Set list: 1 hour time slot

Fuck Emo (because emo is negative music)
With Enough Love
Drink Up
Relight The Fire
I Knew A Girl
High As A BlueJay
Live Now
All I Want
Working All Week
Peanut Butter & Funk