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""Nice music, sure to top the Billboard charts.""

Everyday Atlas has developed a following for one main reason: poignant lyrics that tell a universal story. With songs that put a new twist on everyday life, Everyday Atlas leaves you wondering recent college graduates can describe age-old situations of desire, loss, and life in such new light. Soaring, passionate melodies and tight, intricate harmonies drive the vocal duo of Ryan Thies and Danny Tran. While sometimes compared to Guster, Simon and Garfunkel, and The Police, Everyday Atlas distinguish themselves by combining intelligent chord progressions with a pop awareness. Everyday Atlas creates an electric atmosphere during their live shows. Whether they are playing in front of a crowd of 300 or in an intimate setting for 50 people, Everyday Atlas has the uncanny ability of not only connecting with their audience, but creating a musical environment that feels familiar even to those hearing their music for the very first time. Everyday Atlas EP ‘Hymns and Theroems’ has already been released for distribution and has received solid reviews. Their single ‘Comfortably Uncomfortable’ has been ranked #1 by 100’s of their musical peers in the Power Pop category of Garageband.com, and has begun getting spins on Nashville’s Lightning 100 WRLT, 100.1 FM, and WRVU 91.1 FM. Scott Mann of Aruntx Entertainment has pronounced Everyday Atlas as ‘Nice Music, Sure To Top The Billboard Charts’. Visit http://www.garageband.com/artist/everydayatlas - Aruntx Entertainment, odeo.com

"Your Move: "9 out of 10.""

With 11 tracks on the album, I can honestly say there isn't a bad, or even weak track among them, which is quite an achievement.

Throughout the album is some wonderful piano work, which seems to be sadly lacking from a lot of pop music nowadays. I make no secret that I'm a big fan of both the piano and acoustic guitar, preferring music that compliments vocals, rather than drown them out.

"Be A Reason" is an unusual track on the album, as it reminds me very much of Tori Amos, both musically and in lyrical delivery, although this is more during the verses, than the chorus. "Stardust" is one of those atmospheric, mellow tracks which really brings the band Public Symphony to mind, who were reviewed back in May. The album rounds off with "Looking Back", which has an interesting sound and brings memories of the 70's flooding back.

Conclusion : 2006 has been an incredible year for independent music, giving much deserved recognition to existing artists and an incredible platform for new bands and artists. Everyday Atlas deserve much praise and recognition for this excellent album.

- indielaunchpad.com

""Your Move is solid from beginning to end.""

Everyday Atlas is a quartet of musicians from the country music capitol city of Nashville, Tennessee. As the name suggests, band members sing about everyday affairs and events. Everyday Atlas cites Sir Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello, and Hall and Oates among their influences. And like their musical influences, their music is musically sound and not a bunch of dribble.

Everyday Atlas carries two vocalists which, adds to the band's versatility. The two voices blend well together; providing two distinct sounds to the songs.

The album "Your Move" from Everyday Atlas is solid from beginning to end. In fact they saved the best for last, with "Looking Back", showing off bass player Jonathan Price with some very cool rifts.

- Sherill Fulghum, antiMusic.com - antiMusic.com

""Deliciously Decadent""

To accurately describe the music of Everyday Atlas, we’ve invented a new genre: smart-harmonious-pop. They’re smart like Elvis Costello, harmonious like the Beach Boys, and pop like Fountains of Wayne.

Your Move is deliciously decadent, with stacked vocals, heavily layered guitars, keyboard, bass, drums and more instrumentation than you could shake a Rand-McNally atlas at. In fact, there’s so much going on in this record that it’s easy to overlook the well-crafted tunes.

“Radio Song� delivers tight rhythm and an undeniably hooky chorus, “Take Me Home� finds lead vocalist Ryan Thies pleading with heartfelt earnestness, while “Hang Around� is a love song no object of affection could resist. Sound good to you? Then your move is to seek out this record.

- Mare Wakefield,
Performing Songwriter Magazine - Performing Songwriter

""Your Move is comfort food at the end of a long day.""

Thank goodness for Chris Martin making the piano cool and relevant to rock music again, because bands like Everyday Atlas that are steered by the keys might otherwise not get their due appreciation. The pop-driven melodies of Everyday Atlas are infused with involved harmonies and hooks that you find yourself humming all day once they get in your head.

The 11-track production does not disappoint and each track brings new catchy hooks that avoid the monotonous repetition that many of the band's counterparts fall prey to. Even when the songs slow down to a ballad, they are dripping with intensity and energy. Everyday Atlas has definitely considered how its music will translate live as each song sounds like it would connect well with an audience.The album showcases the equal talent of four individuals that mesh their talents and blend their sound well.

The great aspect of this album is that while the lyrics are sharp and the band is serious about the quality of their sound, it does not come off as pretentious or a shoddy knockoff of another band's sound. Your Move is like comfort food at the end of a long day. You are not quite sure why you need it, but you are glad you have it.

- Allyson Wells,
Southeast Performer Magazine - Southeast Performer

""This is a catchy record, and a must have.""

With so many bands out there these days, it is really hard to find one that can truly stand on their own two feet. Everyday Atlas is going to be able to stand on their own without a problem.

This is a pure pop record the way it is meant to sound. The vocals are crisp and delivered smoothly while the back beat will keep you bouncing along. This is a catchy record and a must have. I love music like this; simple, catchy, and to the point. I want my music to be fun and this is a fun record that is a perfect one to just roll down your windows and let the world here as you sit at a stoplight. (JK) - All Ages 'Zine, Chicago


EP: Hymns & Theorems

1) Script
2) Somewhere
3) Ashes
4) Not Quite Lost
5) Comfortably Uncomfortable
6) Fall
7) Down The Line

LP: Your Move

01) Take Me Home
02) Radio Song
03) So Damn Bad
04) Hang Around
05) Stranded
06) Two Steps
07) Much Better
08) Morning After
09) Be A Reason
10) Stardust
11) Looking Back

EP: Everyday Atlas

1) Warning
2) Let Me Go
3) Inevitable
4) What If
5) Told You So



"Deliciously Decadent"
-Performing Songwriter Magazine

"Everyday Atlas deserve much praise and recognition for this excellent album"
-Indie Launchpad

"The album "Your Move" from Everyday Atlas is solid from beginning to end."

Soaring melodies, intricate harmonies, infectious hooks, and tenor ranges reminiscent of Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney drive the vocal duo of Ryan Thies (Keyboards/Vocals) and Danny Tran (Guitar/Vocals).

With a tight and often funky groove provided by Jonathan Hart Price (Bass) and John Soward (Drums), Everyday Atlas creates an energetic and electric atmosphere during their live shows.

EA is unique in their ability not only to connect with their audience, but to create a musical environment that feels subtly sophisticated, yet humbly familiar.

EA's first single "Comfortably Uncomfortable" has been ranked #1 by 100's of their musical peers in the Power Pop category of Garageband.com, and has been getting spins on Nashville's Lightning 100 (WRLT, 100.1 FM), and WRVU 91.1 FM.

Everyday Atlas has won the Singer/Songwriter Award for their song "Somewhere" in the national Positive Pop Song Contest (http://positivepopsongcontest.com).

Everyday Atlas is an invigorating collaboration of thoughtfulness and energy, giving us all a little extra support for the worlds we carry.