Everyday Ghost

Everyday Ghost

 Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Our music is an emotional roller coaster ride. We like to call it "Smooth Agression". There is an element of technicality built on a foundation of simplicity.


Everyday Ghost is a heavy melodic group with thought provoking lyrics and a groove that will lock you right in. This band came together with the idea of pushing musical boundaries in a direction that feels right at home. Honesty and true interpretation of the life we live each day with nothing but hope for a better day, a better world and a better you! Every breath you take is life giving back...

Basically our lives is music. We are all self taught musicians. We live it, breathe it, dream it, listen to it, play it, and write it. We have loved because of it and we have lost it because of it as well. It has also cost us jobs, money, time, friendships, etc. Music will truly always be our first love and passion in life until the day we die. Anyone who is a true musician understands the life of an "artist".


Everyday Ghost - released April 13th, 2012
10 Tracks: The Gift, Got to Give, In this World, Lost, Picture Box, Apple of my eye, Sorry, Time to Shine, I know, Goodbye.

Currenlty recording our next release which will be another ten songs. 5 of the songs are recorded and ready to go!

Also Aaron and Sean are working on an acoustic as well. Not sure how many are going to be on this disc but we have written and recorded 4 tunes so far over the last 2 weeks.

We actually have a fairly large catalog of recorded music that has been released under different band names. We are in the process of going through that material and picking out songs that we will re-record and possibly release on the upcoming projects. Along with newly written material. We are constantly writing and recording.