Everyday J

Everyday J

 Austin, Texas, USA

Making poetry pop.


Jason Molin, or J, is a pop songwriter who shows off poetic lyrics with a sophisticated variety of styles. He rocks jazz, folk, gospel, or funk, and holds it all together with his smooth tenor and honest approach. J�s powerful lyrics and memorable melodies set him apart from imitators. His rich lines rise above interesting arrangements. J is the thinking people�s rock star—and an antidote for a culture of disposable songs.

J released his first album, �J,� in 2005. It focusses on songwriting and storytelling, showcasing a diverse mix of influences. The opening track, �Room 304,� is a pulsing samba romance told in Tom Waits technicolor. �Let Me Go Walkin� With You� is a jazz song worthy of Billy Holiday, finger-picked on an acoustic guitar. In �Jesus Rode a Bike,� J wonders �What kind of car would Jesus drive?� as the guitar rocks and a trumpet trills tight lines. The final song on the album, �Sunday Morn,� pictures a stroll among Dublin street performers with wordplay as cinematic and haunting as Dylan�s �Mr. Tambourine Man.� As J performs his debut album across Texas, he plans an East Coast release in the spring and a West Coast launch in summer. The solo trumpet work found on the CD is blossoming into a horn section that mixes soul and dub influence into his jazzy sound.

J grew up in Washington, D.C., then went off to New York University where he studied philosophy, wrote songs, and performed on Bleeker Street at the Village Gate. After a year abroad in Dublin, Ireland, writing more songs and singing in an Anglican choir, J returned to D.C. and played coffee shops, getting a major start at Iota and the 9:30 Club. A decade ago, J headed south to Austin, where he formed a trio and performed regularly at Ruta Maya, the Cactus Café, and many other venues. J performs regularly with diverse combos of drums, bass, backup singers, horns, and DJs.


Jesus Rode A Bike

Written By: Jason Molin

jesus rode a bike

i'm just a little noise with my grumblin achin belly
tryin to get me a job by awatchin' the tele
but the man on the scale is askin me questions
and my hands are in my pockets looking for suggestions

i'm wheelin dealin, jumpin on the bed
punchin holes in the ceilin with my hard hard head
little ones gather at my trampoline
to ask me how i made it past seventeen

what kind of car would jesus drive? (x2)
sometimes it feels like i'm wastin all my precious time
trying to figure out what kind of car would jesus drive

waitin by the phone for my wagon to go by
but nobody's home to give me a ride
i get noting but static upon my screen
and the lines are jammed up with answering machines

lookin for my soulmate, starin at my shoes
just remindin me that noah gathered everything in twos
tryin to park my sattelite someplace
i keep tellin my baby that i need my space

would galileo listen to the rolling stones (x2)
or would he have prefered the ramones
would galileo listen to the rolling stones?

now it's ready set loaf! man it's already noon
didn't expect the day to begin so soon
gotta copywrite my heart so noone can steal it
and broadcast it out so everyone can hear it

now i'm back on my feet, back in the saddle
got my high heel cleat and my pingpong paddle
got some equations, burned my brass knuckles
buttoned up my lips with the fancy buckles

would shakespeare have drunk so much beer lastnight? (x2)
gotten in such a stupid fight
would shakespeare have drunk so much beer lastnight?


Folk Dub - coming spring 2008!
J - 2005
J Gets Ambient - 2003
Solo Mono - 2000
Z is for Zillah - 1999

Set List

Jesus Rode A Bike - F#m E
All The Above - GDC
Be My TV - DA
Walkin With You - in GMaj
What The Day Had To Say - G B7 C B7 C...D7
The Train Into The City - D A G x2, D A Bm G
Road To Monterrey - Am FMaj C ?Aug
One More Cup of Coffee - Am G F E7 repeat
Lake Rules - v:Dm A#, ch:G A A# C Dm

Hard to Justify
Stickin' My Thumb Out
Buncha Photos
Ray's Song
500 Miles Ahead
Don't Think Twice
Room 304

When I Paint - G D C
For Your Lover
God Has Been Good To Me - Bm A Em
Love'll Overcome - F#m A E F#m, D F#m E D
Aphrodisiac - Em
One Of These Days - G D C D
Sleep The Clock Around - E B Cm A
I'm A Hillbilly - G7 C G7 D7 G7
Turn Down The Heat - D G7 C7 G7, C A7