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The best kept secret in music


"Sac Town Music"

Sunday October 20th, 2002
SacTown Music Newsletter (No. 6)

Everyday Joe...with jams comparable to the talent and passion of Dave Matthews, EJ showed that each and every member of their band is wonderfully talented at the instrument they play. The keyboard playing (by Joe) and especially solos dropped more than one of the audience's jaws, myself included. The lead singer, coincidentally named Joe too, caught his listeners attention quick with his wonderful tone and range. Moments would show his ability to sing softly and hold it in key, while others would show his immense talent for powerful sustain. Nathan on bass seemed to have brought quite a few of his own fans because the cheers were loud and strong when he would show his great form and energy on his 6 string. With the drummer (John) in the back, but definitely not in terms of talent, the group was well rounded in rhythm, sound, and pizazz. His drum solo a ways into the performance knocked people off their feet, making them believe he had at least ten arms. Overall a wonderful show, and an amazing night. You would not be wasting your money to see this band any night of the week at any venue.

- Derek



©Gina Azzarello

What do you call four guys wearing things like Birkenstocks, comfy t-shirts, baggy pants, and plain white t-shirts? EVERYDAY JOE! No, that joke wasn’t as good as the ones that the band shared with me, heck, it wasn’t even funny. Another thing that isn’t funny is the show that Everyday Joe puts on. It was like a backwards funnel, the show started out kind of long, but as it progressed, it just got better and better, until I was left speechless. Not many drummers can leave me open mouthed in amazement at the end of a set, but John did. The songs were obviously danceable, as the people on the floor were getting their work on. Everyday Joe is the kind of band that could go on tour with anyone, because their music can appeal to a wide range of audiences. They kept comparing themselves to Dave Matthews Band and even played 5 DMB songs during their set. When I went to see DMB, honestly, I fell asleep. That kind of music is just like a lullaby to me. I didn’t have trouble staying awake during Everyday Joe’s set because the energy and charisma that the band brings to the stage is incredible. How many bands can you go and see now a days where there is a minute long keyboard solo? That you don’t wish they never played? Well I’ll tell ya, you can go and see Everyday Joe, because they won’t bore you and you’ll never regret going to see them. I was lucky enough to track down the Joe’s of everyday Joe, and John and Nate, as well as one of their long time fans Sarah, and talk for a few minutes…here’s what we said:

Cabands: How long have all you guys been playing the instruments that you play and
Have you always been interested in playing the same type of music?

Joe: I've been playing since I was 16. Eight years I've been playing
Guitar, and kinda singing in the shower that's all that I do. I haven't
had any formal vocal lessons. I have kind of varied sound too, there's rock like
Metallica or Creed, but I can't sing like those guys so I decided to go with
Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, Ben Folds Five, stuff like that.

Joe Q: Not the Begees, I've basically been playing since 3rd grade. I started
playing some jazz garbage and I just listen to anything really. I own a
lot of jazz albums and Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, Ben Folds Five, that's a good chunk of

Nate: I was playing the four string bass for two years about 9 years ago, I picked up my 6 string 7 years ago. Major influences I would have to say, Jazz stuff, Been influenced by (forgive me if I miss-spell these names)
John Pattatuchi and Victor Wouton heavily. Amongst other popular artists, mostly Dave Matthews Band. I went through a nice rocker stage my parents loved, no, not really, when I used to sit around and thump on Metallica all day long.
They loved that. (High pitched voice) "Can you play something else, other than the...do-do-do-do-do?" It was really getting annoying. Then I moved into some other stuff. A lot of heavy jazz Latin kind of stuff.

John: My dad bought me my first set of drums when I was about five for
a special Olympics thing we had to do and I kept a beat, that was all I could do
really. I've been serious about it for 5 years or so. I'm a music major at the
colleges. Major influences would be Neal Perk, Terry Bosio, Dave
Blankl, Matt Moruchi, and of course Carter Beauford, which we play a lot of
his stuff, David Garobaldi,

Cabands: Are you guys gonna go see Tower of Power?

John: Yeah we will be there

Nate: July 26th.... they’re playing at the Radisson!

Cabands: So how do u guys want people to feel after a show?

Joe Q: like they got their moneys worth. <Laughter>

Joe: Wow, I just want them to feel moved, like they were just rocked out, like they wanna come see us again, bad.

John: I want them to feel connected, I want them to all feel connected, I want them all to be one energy, for lack of a better word, one energy is everyone just sitting there enjoying themselves….

Sarah: I want them to feel happy like I do, because when you go see these guys you can’t help but smile a little bit and dance around <cheers from the guys>. You wanna bring your friends out to the dance floor and that’s kinda like, I don’t know, I’m not in the band but, that’s how you feel. That’s how you want to be. You want to bring your friends out and tell your friend hey come out to the show…

Nate: After we play we leave the stage and there’s just such an energy between all four of us that we hope that the crowd gets at least some of that. It’s really like John said, it’s an energy, we’re just like, that was just amazing, it was so much fun and it’s really spirit lifting. Whereas some music can really be dark and depressing, trying to relate to people that way, we try to lift people’s spirits up.

Cabands: What makes you feel so connected after only being together 4 months?

Joe: I think it’s really kind of a question of musicianship actually. I know I’ve got three guys behind me that are absolutely incredible musicians and that’s the solid backbone for me personally. I know that everyone has been playing for years; I think that comes into play a lot. We just gel really well. It’s also a matter of friendship. Just knowing each other so well. Kind of having a feel for each other. That’s pretty much why we’re so tight.

Nate: Between musicians comes a common interest that’s really bonded us together, the common interest that we’re going after the same thing, we all virtually have the same influences, we all like the same stuff, we all just like to hang out, that’s a good thing, common interest.

Cabands: You guys want to promote your CD and your band?

John: Well if you wanna visit us on the web, we’re at www.everyday-joe.com (they all chimed in with the DASH there). And we are selling demo CD’s at most of our gigs, we have an email list, you guys have to come out to our gigs though. On the website, it’s brand new, but we’ll start letting people know when the next gigs are everything what’s going on so…other than that…

Cabands: Alright, anything else?

Joe Q: What to polar bears get from sitting on the ice too long?

Cabands: What?

Joe Q: Polaroids!

Nate: Besides that, thanks to everyone who comes out to see us, continues to support us. There are a slight few that have been with us, supporting us since the start.

Joe: YES!

Nate: We really want to thank them.

Joe: Our fans are the best fans.

Nate: The group that’s out there really gives us energy and really drives us to drive them and it’s a great feedback loop. Thanks to everyone.

Joe: What do you call four matadors in quicksand? Did he tell you this one too?

Joe & Joe Q: Cuatro Cinco!

Joe Q: Okay we’re done!

Nate: Don’t quote them.
- Gina Azzarello


-1 three-song demo CD
-"Farewell Song" has had radio airplay
-1 seven-song demo CD
-1 eleven-song LP "here's the thing..."
-"By Your Side" was performed live on ABC
-"Farewell Song", "By Your Side", "One Gone Bye" were also aired on the TV show "Local's Only" throughout the west coast


Feeling a bit camera shy


Guitar, piano, bass, and drums are the primary
instruments that Sacramento band Everyday Joe uses
to paint their musical portrait. They draw from
popular influences such as the Dave Matthews Band,
Counting Crows, and Ben Folds Five, as well as
improvisational jazz innovators. Their live
performances make for an uncompromising musical
experience that will always leave you wanting more.

In only their first year, Everyday Joe has racked up
some accolades worthy of mention. A Battle of the
Bands competition (sponsored by 100.5 The Zone,
Skip's Music and Tower Records) pitted Everyday Joe
against 30 to 40 other local and regional bands.
Everyday Joe came out on top and were invited to
perform at A Day in the Zone , a Sacramento music
festival that to which EJ shared the stage with
Dishwalla, Blessid Union of Souls, Avril Lavigne, Pete
Yorn and Remy Zero. Some other large scale
performances include a 4th of July River Cats game,
the California State Fair, the Sacramento Festival of
Cinema, two Breast Cancer Benefit shows, as well as a television appearance on ABC Channel 10's Midday Show and additional television air time on Locals Only along the entire west coast. They've had regular gigs in the greater Sacramento area at the Boardwalk, Harlow's, Los Hermanos, Mace's, Powerhouse Pub, Old Ironsides, and G St. Pub. Their college performances span all over the state at institutions like UC Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Cal Poly, Chico State, UC Davis, and St. Mary's. Venues outside the area include Blake's in Berkeley, the Voodoo Lounge and the Hotel
Utah Saloon in San Francisco, Stars in Vacaville,
Osprey Brew Pub in Medford (Oregon), Blue Tattoo in Modesto, the Epicenter in Chico, and the famous Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood.

Although the synergy of the band is key, the
individuals that form Everyday Joe should not be
overlooked. With such a plethora of tastes, talents,
influences and experience, the parts that sum the
whole are every bit as fresh and original as the group itself:
On lead vocals and rhythm guitar is Joe Orlando. In
singing lead and backup vocals and playing rhythm and bass guitar for other previous Sacramento bands, Joe honed his musical skills. His warm voice inflection and vocal range blends well with the band's overall tone. His guitar playing reveals shades of Dave Matthews and Elliot Smith in addition to the ability of having busy fingers amidst a moving vocal line. Joe has a background in the rock/pop/alternative categories, but his experimental attitude leaves himself open for the benefits of other genres and influences in and outside of the band.

Nick Stark is the bass player for Everyday
Joe. While dreams of Rocco Prestia, John Patitucci,
and Victor Wooten, fueled this bass player's
inspirational fire, he was performing with the Santa
Clara Vanguard playing tuba in addition to placing
second in the Drum Corps International Finals in
individual and ensemble competition. Unlike
conventional bass players, Nick's presence is known
and felt musically by using a variety of bass playing
methods and techniques. A fascinating facet of
Nick's playing is his presumption to drummer John
Testa's playing. Any twist or turn issued by John,
and Nick is there to lock up with him in a

The rhythmic adhesive of the group is drummer John
Testa. In playing with various rock, jazz, and fusion
bands, John has graced the west coast and a hand full of countries with his percussive presence. A member of the California All State and Northern California Symphonic Honor Band for three consecutive years, John's polyrhythmic prowess and rhythmic inventiveness serves as a tasteful and talent filled alternative to mainstream beat blandness. The interplay between John
and band bassist Nick Stark reveals a solid
foundation forged by experience, panache, and an
e.s.p.-like ability to anticipate their musical

Pianist Joe Quattrocchi sits in on the keys for
Everyday Joe. Classically trained with a wide
background in jazz, rock, and ecclesiastical music,
Joe has been doing freelance accompaniment since the age of 15 and playing at local churches since 13. He has been greatly influenced by Phineas Newborn, Herbie Hancock, Clifford Brown, Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Bill Evans, and local jazz pianist and educator, Dr. Joe Gilman. Although a stylistic player but an experimenter nonetheless, Joe insists on the fusion of all that is music which is why you'll hear bop lines and color chords instilled in a program of alternative rock.