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Every Flavor Weather Machine

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Pop




"Performer Magazine Exclusive Premier of New Single "Bullhorn (Get To Work)""

Performer is super excited to premiere a new track by NYC’s Every Flavor Weather Machine. The song is called “Bullhorn (Get to Work)” and fans of Rubblebucket and like-minded artists are sure to dig it. NYC-based Wonka-funk, keyboard-driven octet, Every Flavor Weather Machine, announce the release of a new EP by dropping first single, “Bullhorn (Get To Work).” Drawing their influence from classic tones of the funk, soul and blues golden ages, Every Flavor Weather Machine utilizes these dynamic old-school meters to create a vivacious, modern-pop-rock sound, complete with a zing of signature horns. “Bullhorn (Get To Work)” is a great introduction to the capabilities of the group. It brings the nostalgia of early Red Hot Chili Peppers, while capturing the essence of other art-pop bands, like Rubblebucket, and adding a dash of indie-dance influence from acts such as Arcade Fire.

Originally formed in 2009 at Tufts University under the moniker of The Smoking Jackets, Ben Anshutz (keyboards/vocals) and Will Maroni (bass) toured the eastern seaboard during their college years. When lineup and location changed in the summer of 2011, so did the name of the band and Every Flavor Weather Machine was born. Today, Anshutz and Maroni are joined by Graham Roggli (drums), Gordon Bartow (trombone/backing vocals), Veronica Gonzalez (trumpet/backing vocals), Chris Diasparra (baritone saxophone), Ele Bernstein (vocals/percussion) and Audrey Bartow (backing vocals). With all new members assembled, the band released their debut full-length album in March of 2013.

Every Flavor Weather Machine has graced the stages of notable NYC venues, such as Brooklyn Bowl and Mercury Lounge. During live shows, the group enjoys putting on a high-energy danceapalooza, sometimes complete with a live painting expose. Matt Miller from Rounder Records went on to say that Every Flavor Weather Machine, “does with disco what Zeppelin did with the blues and the Clash did with reggae: grab it by the balls, stuff some raw attitude down it’s throat, and fire it out of a 100 watt cannon built from pure rock ‘n roll.” Be sure to be on the lookout for more from these modern Wonka-funkers! - Benjamin Ricci

"CD Baby Album Review"

Every Flavor Weather Machine is an emerging young band hailing from Brooklyn-by-way-of Boston and they released their self-titled debut album via their own Bandcamp page and the independent imprint Bad Jelly Records this past March. Formed in 2011, the band with their quirky name, is made up of members Ben Anshutz, Alex Berdoff, Will Maroni, Gordon Bartow, Veronica Gonzalez, and D. Jones, and has been affectionately dubbed a “turbo piano rock jetpack”. Rightfully so, as their infectious piano-led and horn-fuelled indie-pop sound is bolstered by elements of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ sly funkiness, the synth-driven quirkiness of Hot Hot Heat, the exuberance of Grouplove and the party-starting fun of Rubblebucket. Just as colorful as every flavor of ice cream at Baskin Robbins and just as unpredictable as the weather, their strange moniker fits them well.
“Cameo” opens the album with a bouncing piano riff and some poppy melodies and cheery horn outbursts that belie the melancholic lyrics of an unrequited love that lie beneath. “Paint By Numbers” follows with a piano and horn-led sound that is anything but and it slowly deteriorates to end the song with the repeated mantra of “I don’t want my songs to stay the same”…not a bad motto for a band.
“Karma Kid” is the first of three tracks to feature guest contributions from the Boston based experimental hip-hop group Team Scene. It stands out with a swinging bluesy rhythm, a jazzy saxophone solo and a deliriously fun sing-along chorus to go along with the song’s positive, “pay it forward” message and the guest rap verse. Much in the same vein, “Tiny Woman” opens with a rap verse from Team Scene that is set to a dark and fuzzy Parliament-like funk groove complete with a buoyant, head-nodding beat. Another stand out track, “Escalator” is brimming with bright, propulsive ska-like horns and features the background vocals of thirty of their “most amazing and dedicated fans” for a swirling dance-party of a track. “I Work Alone” slows down the pace just a little bit with some pretty piano runs and aching vocal melodies. “Arithmetic” opens with a soulful vocal performance and ends with another complementary hip-hop verse from Team Scene, which only adds to their fun, “party all night” vibe. The album’s first single “Fishfarmer Daughter” also has an official video on YouTube that perfectly showcases its shimmering keys and off-kilter rhythm. “I’m Out” showcases the band’s sense of humor with biting, tongue-in-cheek lyrics about leaving an annoying loved one set to a jaunty rhythm of pounded piano and jumpy horns.
Closing out the ten song album is the saloon-worthy Gospel-soaked “One For The Road” with its rafters-reaching organ swells and introspective, doubt-ridden lyrics. Also included as a bonus track is “Comatose Drunk Blues” with its sullen piano melodies and slurred vocals. It is a true bonus track but a nice addition, as the song’s bittersweet sentiment doesn’t quite fit on the album but definitely goes a long way to show the depth of the bands’ songwriting range.
In addition to the digital download of their debut album - which is available for free at the moment - the band has also produced some unique merchandise that includes t-shirts and even some colorful socks that come emblazoned with the band’s umbrella band logo.
Plain and simple, Every Flavor Weather Machine makes party music – music to listen to before, during and after the party - and their impressive self-titled debut album shows an emerging band well on their way. Sadly, I have yet to seen them live but I can only imagine that their live show would be ten times more fun and energetic than their album!
Review by: Justin Kreitzer
Rating 3.5 out 5 stars - Justin Kreitzer

"The Equal Ground Album Review"

The blues are not dead; in fact, they’re alive, well, and modernized in Every Flavor Weather Machine’s self-titled album Every Flavor Weather Machine. Present in almost all of the songs is the skillful march of the trumpet and the impressively technical piano chords and scales that add flavor to each song. The real standout here, though, is the songwriting; lyrics of love, heartbreak, struggle and almost foolhardy optimism tell the stories of young artists and musicians discovering the truth of life and sharing that wisdom with the listener.

“Cameo” is a hilarious yet hauntingly depressing show-tunes style song describing a man being left behind by his love, a famous Broadway type of girl. “Karma Kid” features a rap verse that works beautifully with the rest of the song, though it was totally unexpected.“I Work Alone” follows the formula of songs before it, but is unique in the poignancy of the lyrics. It follows a tune about losing the love of your life, which makes it particularly powerful. On the other end of the spectrum, “Arithmetic” allows the natural humor of the band to shine through, with playful lyrics dancing on top of punctuating trumpets.

“I’m Out” has attitude! This is truly the perfect break up anthem, and though it is specifically about a woman, the “babe I’m out” can easily be repeated by anyone in that situation. The closing song “One for the Road” has a bit of a gospel sound, and ends the album much like a classic blues albums would, with a sense of ‘so long, farewell’ rife throughout the woeful piano.

Though some of the songs get a bit repetitive and may not require a full album listen each time, it’s worth admiring that Every Flavor Weather Machine really allows their personality to shine in every word and note, even displaying their quirky and honest sense of humor on their websites. A modern take on classic music, this album is a reminder that human emotions and struggles can still be refreshing topics and make for intriguing songs. -


Every Flavor Weather Machine (2013)



Formed in New York City in August of 2011, Every Flavor Weather Machine is a dance party in a bottle. Using classic tones from music's Golden Age of funk and soul, EFWM writes modern, hopelessly catchy pop songs that will, to borrow from the Godfather George Clinton, "put a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip."

In live performance, the band exudes a reckless joy that is as instantly lovable as it is infectious. If you can imagine Stevie Wonder writing songs for Hot Hot Heat while on a Red Hot Chili Peppers kick, then you're getting somewhere close to what it sounds like to experience the Every Flavor Weather Machine. Get down with the sickness and spread the fever.

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