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"Under The Radar CD Sampler"

We will be on Under The Radar's CD Sampler this February 09. - Under The Radar


I've been a musician for 40 years, and when I heard a sample of this album I was intrigued. The album didn't disappoint. Musically and lyrically, it's an album for listening. Great arrangements with some unexpected turns that kept me guessing. And the voice is really beautiful- an instrument of its own. I look forward to hearing their next effort, but I especially hope to eventually see them live..

author: Craig Rutz - CD BABY


Top Ten Artist on Shop Rock Podcast

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"Stairmaster" for St. Mary's episode.
"It Never Ends" in The Baby short.

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"This Women's Work"

Every Good Boy is an exciting band out of Brooklyn, New York who has recently released their debut album, The Human Haiku.
The band’s frontwoman, Orly Bendavid, is a talented twenty-something beauty school dropout who ultimately decided to chase her true dream - music.
Inspired early by artists ranging from Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos and Jeff Buckley, Bendavid began her own form of songwriting, determined to turn her passion of music into a full-time job that she could share with those willing to listen.

Every Good Boy - The Human Haiku
After a move to windy Chicago, the Southern California native began to formulate her band. She found a drummer in David Pitz and in the years that followed, violinist Jane Park, bass player Dan Tamberell and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Ricciuti were added to the group, marking the official birth of Every Good Boy, a name derived from the mnemonic device used for recalling the notes on the treble clef.
Their debut, The Human Haiku, is a ten-track collection of sharp folk-rock, encompassing an array of emotions with topics that nearly anyone can relate to: love, heartache, grief, pain.
Opening the album is “String Bean,” is an infectious head-bopper which tells the story of a teenage stripper and her unfortunate life choices, despite being a pretty girl with much more potential.
“The Writer,” another highlight, is a fantastic marriage of instruments which beautifully demonstrates how cohesive Bendavid and company are as a band.
While there are many other standouts found on The Human Haiku, it’s on “Lilian,” a sweeping, string-heavy beauty which really allows Bendavid’s vocals to shine. It’s an effecting song, both in mood and delivery.
ey, don’t you know
You make every one’s life a little less lonely
Hey, don’t you know
It’s the reason why they come to drink with you only
~ Every Good Boy
Every Good Boy is steadily promoting the new album and just recently received confirmation that their track, “Stairmaster,” will be released on Under The Radar’s February-April compilation. And later in the year, the band will be performing at L.A.’s Hotel Cafe. - WOMENFOLK.NET


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ALBUM : "The Human Haiku" 2008


The All For Nots.com
"Stairmaster" for St. Mary's episode.
"It Never Ends" in The Baby short.

Top Ten Artist on Shop Rock Podcast

The Deli Magazine - 2008 Bio Feature
UNDER THE RADAR - February - April 2009

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Growing up in the steamy San Fernando Valley, ORLY Bendavid always knew her destiny would one day lie in music. As a little girl, Bendavid so keenly recalls the sounds of a golden era of music, Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Cat Stevens". This was the music my parents loved the most. This was the music I grew up on. And while you might not find the sound that these legends crafted in the folk pop she creates, Bendavid obviously took cues from these greats when it comes to songwriting. Her songs demonstrate a natural knack for clear and concise pop composition. With the ease of well-written songs, Bendavid's music allows listeners to focus on the precious words and the beatific music she stirs out of her acoustic guitar.

But it's the musicians she discovered on her own, in her influential teenage years that owe the most to the music she crafts. Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple, and Ani Difranco, these are the musicians who influenced her and shaped the type of musician she hoped to one day become. These artists inspired me like no other. They didn't paint by numbers with their music. And not only did they bathe their songs in so much beauty and honesty, they made careers for themselves, on their own terms.

So Bendavid dropped out of Beauty School at the age of 21, trading in her shears for her beloved guitar. And in doing so, she realized her talents lay in affecting people's hearts, not their hairstyles. Later the rustic splendor of artists like Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams, and Gillian Welch would begin to help shape the sweet, simple, and soulful folk chords, rootsy grooves, and bluesy riffs that are her personal calling card. She would also take a piece of valuable advice from a homeless man stumbling in on her 1st show at a North Hollywood coffee shop. He told me I was good. But he thought I needed to feel what it is I was doing more. He told me to place myself in the situations and experiences that my songs are about. That way every emotion I felt at the time would resurface in my performance.

The valuable advice stuck. Joined by a talented cast of musicians that include Dan Tamberelli (Bass, Vocals), David Pitz (Drums and Percussion), and Jane Park (Violin, Mandolin, Percussion), and Thomas Ricciuti (Guitar, Ukulele), Bendavid is an artist who is more than willing to spew her most personal, sincere, and honest emotions into a crowded room of strangers, knowing full well that they will simply make of it what they will. Love, heartache, work, exhaustion, frustration, triumph Bendavid wraps her songs in these everyday themes that most folks can relate with at some point in their crazy lives. It is surely a testament to what happens when a little artistic passion gets mixed up with some pure, raw human emotion. And it's a big part of what makes Every Good Boy's brand of earthy and organic folk music such a treat.