Every Last Word

Every Last Word


Good, fast paced, guitar driven rock music. Clever lyrics. Hooky without being cheesy.


'We are four normal twenty-something guys playing loud fast music. We play shows and make records and have fun. Our influences generally fall into the "rock" genre. What sets us apart from other bands are the songs and the show. '


We released our first E.P., Double Murder Suicide in 2006. Our new record, titled Columbia, comes out July 20th, 2007. Tracks are available at www.myspace.com/everylastword and www.everylastword.com

Set List

Lately our set has been (rougly)...
Scraping Bone Hitting Bottom, Seven and Seven, Hearts Not Heads, Kglad 21, Tsunami, Long Rides No Solutions, Anchors Away, Columbia...
When all is said and done it takes about 40 minutes. No covers.