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Every Other One

Bedford, Texas, United States

Bedford, Texas, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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"Good Beginnings of a Beginning Band"

Album: Caught Between
Artist: Every Other One
Label: Self Release
Genre:Punk, Pop Rock, Alternative
Sounds like: Good beginnings of a beginning band.

It is hot in Texas. In this heat, a lot of local bands have gotten their start in the last year. I’ve seen some Slayer-inspired bands, some Reel Big Fish inspired bands, and a whole slew of other bands that may or may not have disappeared in the last few months. But I’m here to mention one band that’s caught my eye, mostly because I have classes will all the members, and they bug me about going to see their shows every time I see them. So instead, I decided to review their new EP.

Every Other One started off as an acoustic 2 man project by guitarist Evan Uhl and vocalist Jaime Croom, which expanded to a full band set when drummer Neal Zeller and bassist Nick McCue joined up. Since, the band’s done a number of live shows around the Dallas/Ft Worth area, and has steadily gaining a following, that extends outside our local highschool. Next thing you know, they’ll be swamped with limos and bitches.

But enough of background, let’s get to the music, shall we?

Every Other One is good. Let me get that out there. I like the overall sound they’ve got going, and it sounds like they know what they’re doing, which a 50/50 for a lot of bands that are just starting out. The EP is a definite showing of what the band can do, from your basic Blink-182/Green Day, punk styled songs, to almost metal sounding breaks, to the nothing short of amazing acoustic songs at the end. Hell, some of these tracks have a Coheed and Cambria feel in their structure, Coheed being one of the bands numerous influences. Every Other One has a lot they can work with in the style they’ve chose to play, and they show it to you in every track.

Speaking of their acoustic stuff, I told you they started out like that right? I’m glad to say that even though they’ve added drums and bass, the “front men” can still put out calm, excellent sounding acoustic tracks. As a matter of fact, I wish there was an acoustic version of every song on the EP, as it saddens me there are only 2. I’d personally love to see how they can incorporate more acoustic songs into their playlist.

A little setback I found was the screaming that was put in. Honestly, it doesn’t sound like Jaime’s voice can really handle the screaming, or if it blends in as well as they want it too, but it’s not a staple of the vocals at all. To me, it’s a small hindrance, but still a hindrance.

Overall though, this band does everything you want to see in a band that’s starting out in this style of music. Good, clean, alternative based vocals and lyrics that scream “life and love story” in the making (WITH ANGST!), amazing, variable guitar and bass playing from ballad style to somewhat brutal (THERE ARE BREAKDOWNS THAT DON’T SOUND BAD), great drumming to layer under the whole thing (RHYTMHS THAT MAKE SENSE), and just a good alternative sound that’s worth listening to. Obviously, if you’re not biggest fan of the punk/alternative style, you probably won’t like this, but if you’re like me and “Goddamnit” Samit “Sports” Sarkar, and don’t find Blink-182 horrible, you might want to check them out.

And yeah, I totally name dropped Samit. I can has free Green Day concert tickets AND e3 2011 passes?

Personal favorite tracks: Running Away (Live, cam recording), Whenever We’re Apart (Live, Cam recording)

Summary for lazy people: Are you Samit, and/or sympathize with him? Try this out. It’s good.

NOTE: Those Youtube links aren’t that good in my opinion. Thankfully, Every Other One’s EP is now on iTunes and CD Baby, and I know there’s a try before you buy on iTunes…unless Apple truly sucks that hard.

-Daxelman - Destructoid - Daxelman


Every Other One - EP (Self-Titled) - Released Aug. 17th., 2009

Caught Between - EP - Released May 9th, 2010

"Don't Count on Me" - Is streaming on Jango.com

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Jaime Croom and Evan Uhl started an acoustic band in fall of 2008, the duo quickly developed a Jason Merz sound. After writing enough songs, and having practiced for months, they decided to go get a gig in Fort Worth, TX. After their first show, they were ecstatic about the band, however it felt as if something was missing, a drummer and a bassist.

So the search began, and after months of deciding, and tryouts, in May of 2009 the new lineup was announced, and Matt Jones and Neal Zeller were officially added. With influences ranging from Blink 182, and Breaking Benjamin, Every Other One developed a very unique sound.

Soon after this, the band started booking summer gigs, and have been consistently playing shows about ever two weeks in the DFW area. At the end of the summer, the band entered in a Battle of the Bands in Irving, TX. After one of their best sets, the band was announced the first place winner of the competition.

After being released August 17th, a couple of weeks went by and the band started to have some troubles within it. Ultimately the decision was made to remove bassist Matt Jones, and recruit Nick McCue.

With a new tuning, Every Other One went from punk sounding to hard rock over night. Due to school however writing new material has been challenging but this did not stop them from entering the studio once more and record another EP.

This EP, “Caught Between,” was released on May 9th, 2010, featuring 6 electric songs, and 2 acoustic songs. The songs range from feelings of love to feelings of hate and wanting to get away.

As summer of 2010 approaches Every Other One is already booking big shows. We will continue to write and produce more songs as well, and hope to achieve our goal in being signed and going on tour with a major labeled band.