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Marina del Rey, California, United States

Marina del Rey, California, United States
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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1. Diamond Rings
2. Rose Colored Glasses
3. If Your Down
4. Hold On Me
5. Rock Me
6. Spain (Let's Do It Again)
7. Better Off
8. Being A Woman
9. Angel
10. I Need You Tonight
11. Time Of Our Lives
12. Story Of My Life

Beauty - Americas Next Top Model
Reason To Believe - NBC's Star Tomorrow (Online)
Bleeding - NBC's Star Tomorrow (Online)



Soulfully caressing your ears like the sun shining through the rain, Aria’s bluesy cries of pain and hope, can only be described as a coming of age truth, a tale of girl meets world. In her 2009 debut Album “If Your Down”, Aria writes about life, love, heartbreak, and rising above it all. Painted on the canvass of her heart and released through music, Aria has written, sang and lived this real life magical journey. Her style is best described as “sophisticated pop”.

On her path to this exciting moment, dues were definitely paid. For years, Aria lived in a “cracker jack box” in the ghetto of Venice beach, away from her family and friends, struggling as a young artist and giving up everything- all for the love of music. It was through blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice, that Aria finally got the prize. “Music saved my life”, says Aria, “I was one half good girl and the other half full blown rebel, but I couldn’t spend much time ‘dancing with the devil’, because I always needed to be ready for a show”.

From childhood into young adulthood, Aria was no stranger to the stage. Seven years of touring with her girl group, and later fronting a band, were the embers that kept her soul on fire. In 2007 Aria starred in NBC’s “Star Tomorrow” with David Foster, for 13 weeks (singing her original music). Fireworks flew when Aria performed multiple times at The Staples Center, for audiences of 17000. Aria’s writing has been critically acclaimed on a song co-written with and for Atlantic Records artist “Hope”, on her debut album. Last year Time Warner Television’s music channel featured Aria on their national playlist, and Aria’s song “Beauty” aired on the hit show, “America’s Next Top Model”.

Rebecca Lynne Johnson, professionally known as Aria, was raised in a small town outside of San Francisco. Her love of music began in the womb with her stay at home mother, singing Motown by day, and her (Bass Player turned CFO) father, playing Jimi Hendrix by night. “My childhood was anything but ordinary. I was riding on the back of Harley’s at age 4, having x-hells angles show up at my house for bible studies on Friday nights, and shooting military weapons on Grandpa’s ranch on a semi-regular basis. All this was happening while I was busy singing The Little Mermaid on My First Sony.”

As Aria grew in her life’s experiences, her passion to inspire others developed. She discovered an uncontrollable desire to bring light to the world, as a tool for change. In her 2009 debut Album “If Your Down”, you will encounter a wide spectrum of emotions. “I never wanted to be that artist who just pranced around the stage and had nothing else to give. I was this kid with all this depth and perspective and I just wanted to heal people. I never sold out. Now I have the album that I wanted to release...a true picture of my life and who I am. My prayer is that this album will move you, to laugh, cry, think and be healed, to be a better you. I pray that marriages will come back together through “Angel”. That people will learn to love themselves through ”Being a Woman”. That people will find happiness through ”Story of My Life” and “Time of Our Lives”. That people will fall in love to “If Your Down”, “Hold on Me” and “Diamond Rings”. That people will rock out to “Rock Me” and make love to “Let’s Do it Again”. That bitterness will be healed through “Better Off”, and that grieving will take place through “I Need You Tonight”. This is my gift to you. To those who need to be moved, to feel again, to love again, to smile again. To my family, friends, fans and those who are meeting me now, I give you my heart.”