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It’s been a busy year so far for ‘Everything Burns’ (EB), a progressive metal five piece from the Cornwall, who’ve just returned from a very dynamic and spirited acoustic performance at this years Download festival. Formed in mid 2007, they are quickly pushing their way through the dredge of the British underground scene. With instantly catchy choruses and complex fresh guitar riffs, every song becomes an anthem in its own right. ‘EB’ signed to the fast up and coming UK label Rising Records in 2008, almost a year to the day of the band forming. Their debut album “Home” was released in February 2010 followed by their first single “I’d Die”.

At Download, they performed an acoustic set on the Jägermeister stage, although they took a somewhat unorthodox approach to the acoustic stage. For most bands there were the usual line of bar stools, acoustic guitars and tambourines with a chilled out laid back vibe, but not with this lot. There wasn’t a bar stool in sight. Instead the distortion and the amps were replaced with acoustic guitars yes, but were played with the same ferocity and vigour as their metal predecessors. The drum kit was slimmed down to a basic snare and high hats but was still attacked with pure aggression and beaten within an inch of its life. The vocalist Tim Kellow paraded around the stage with assurance, belting out his clean melodic lines with such power and conviction that maybe he didn’t realise that the guitars weren’t actually distorted. Equally Phil Charles also chugged away on his bass in a classic metal pose, playing with an uncompromising condemnation for the acoustic sound.

All in all this was a pleasant and welcomed surprise. A break in the dredge of crooning acoustic ballads, this band came out all guns blazing with their balls to the wind, playing the only way they knew how, obstinate and hard core. They pulled a great crowd for an early festival afternoon slot, and left them wandering ‘if they’re like this with acoustics, what the hell are they like plugged in?’

The band on the up and destined for greater things, let’s hope that Download have them back next year but plugged in and turned up to the max. You can see the band at the Boardmasters festival on 6-7 August in Newquay, Cornwall, more info at www.relentlessboardmasters.com - 247 magazine

"Everything Burns: Home"

South West rock band Everything Burns formed in 2007 and have made quick progress on the road to rock stardom. Almost a year to the day after forming, they were signed to the up and coming label Rising Records and their debut album 'Home' was released in February 2010. This year has seen them on the stages of both the Relentless Boardmasters festival and Download festival, and they set out on tour in October.

The band is made up of Tim Kellow (vocals), Chinn Lawlor (lead guitar), Vince Finch (guitar/vocals/keyboard), Phil W Charles (bass guitar) and Jez Marshall (drums).

'Home' stands as a testament to the hard work that these guys have obviously put into the band over the past three years; it's tight, it's professional and it easily stands shoulder to shoulder with headliner bands with years of experience. They're serious about what they're doing, and it shows in every single track.

Their rock has an indie edge to it, an undertone of laid-back confidence which is reminiscent of the surf bands that the South West is so good at breeding. But don't mistake that for laziness or a couldn't-care attitude, 'Home' is well thought out and filled with enthusiasm for what they do.

The album's opening track, 'Scars', is nothing short of epic; kicking off the album with an impressive guitar section which leads into a song sung with nothing short of 100% passion and commitment. The chorus is bold and catchy, and with everything combined, this track has every chance of securing itself anthem status. And it's not the only one; you won't find a single filler track on this CD. The songs switch easily and seamlessly between heavier, metalesque sections, and the very singable rock sections (listen to 'Beautiful Disaster'): one day, Everything Burns will be playing to stadiums of people singing along to every word. - EGL magazine

"Everything Burns - Home review"

As you may have noticed from following my reviews for a while, I lately haven't covered anything but promos from bands most of you have never heard about, and that I have hardly been very positively surprised by more than a few of them. One that has surprised me, however, is Britain's latest something-something-core five piece Everything Burns, whose debut album "Home" has been sent to me for review.

These five dudes trade in a musical expression that lies dead in between the most pseudo-metallic of emocore (Funeral For A Friend, Finch, Senses Fail) and the most melodic and shiny of metalcore, but given the all-dominating clean lead vocals on offer here, I'd say fans of the former are probably more likely to enjoy this. And about those clean vocals, let's get started on praising Everything Burns for being delightfully different from normal scene bands, and especially the oh-so-trendy American clones of the moment. This record, ladies and gentlemen, contains something as rare as a use of autotuner that is so restrained that I can't even tell you for sure that it's there! And while there are breakdowns, they are limited to maximum one per song and mostly they fit the songs as extensions, rather than momentum-ruiners. Fan-fuckin'-tastic! Why aren't more bands like this?
So anyway, what we have, to be specific, are eleven songs of fast-paced, hyper-melodic, no-bullshit metallic music, aimed straight for the domains of what's 'inspirational' and 'captivating'. Their charge is, as I mentioned, spearheaded by a quite capable clean vocalist who adds a nice strain to his rather manly (the genre taken into consideration) voice, and he is aided on many a suitable occasion by gang vocals and screams.
All of this would of course not amount to much if it didn't come with good songs, and thankfully, EB deliver in this department. Right off the bat, "Scars" opens strong and has a good chorus, the band parades one sticky chorus after another in "I'd Die For You", "Me Vs. You", "Beautiful Disaster" and "Burden Of Being A Hero", and basically, that's half a record full of easily memorable and enjoyable stuff for you. If you're wondering what I'm talking about when I complain about lack of memorability in other reviews, this, ladies and gentlemen, is it, and after such a consistent showing of it, the remainder of the record also appears entertaining.
For a debut, this is all muscular and confident, and it beats the shit out of five in six promos generally sent my way.

7.5/10 - Rockfreaks.net

"Everything Burns - Home"

Formed in 2008, melodic metal band Everything Burns have slowly but surely built a reputation in the UK’s underground scene. Made up of vocalist Tim Kellow, bassist Phil W Charles, guitarists Chinn Lawlor and Vince Finch along with drummer Jez Marshall, “Home”, which was released in February 2010, is the band’s debut album release.
Finally! A metal band that brings something new to the field! Just as I was about to lose faith in metal, a genre that has historically been hailed as exciting and innovative but failed miserably to produce anything impressive of late, Everything Burns have stepped up to the plate and are making themselves known!
The first thing that struck me about this band was the interesting tone of Kellow’s voice. Far from the stereotypical gritty, deep vocals normally associated with metal, Kellow’s voice would sit perfectly in any noughties college rock arrangement. As surprising as this is, it doesn’t sound out of place as there is an impressive power to his voice when he chooses to unleash it. This gives the band a unique sound that not only allows them to stand out from every other wannabe metal act out there, but makes them much more marketable to the wider music-loving public.
Title track ‘Home’ is probably the most memorable track on the album with its mind-blowing guitar shredding solo as well as simple lyrics sang to an infectiously catchy melody. The anthem-like feel of each track makes each one as enjoyable as its predecessor; you can’t help but crave more. The end of the album came way too soon!
It truly is impressive how much this band has achieved in their short history together; the album was produced by Mark Daghorn who has previously worked with metal giants such as Orange Goblin and Trigger The Bloodshed, and the lads have also headlined their own tour! Their unique brand of metal music (which, despite sporting titles such as ‘Beautiful Disaster’ and ‘Kill or be Killed’ is pretty inoffensive when compared to the wider genre) will appeal particularly to teenagers but may even convert the most diehard metal fans out there. I for one will definitely be keeping an eye open for this band’s future tour arrangements.
These guys could so easily be the next big thing - watch this space! - Room Thirteen

"Everything Burns Set The UK Metal Scene on Fire"

Part of why Fretpoint.com was setup was to showcase exciting new guitar talent and to kick things off we have decided to cover Everything Burns, an exciting new metal band from Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Everything Burns first caught my eye at Download Festival this year after delivering a superb acoustic set on the Jagermeister stage. Although slightly out of their comfort zone the band produced a high energy set where the melodic nature of their music really shone through. The band went down a storm with the crowd hungry for way more than their 30 set would allow.

Fully amped up, the band have a powerful and “progressive-edged twin guitar metal sound creating complex and fresh riffs” and when combined with the melodic vocal lines of lead singer Tim Kelow it’s an awesome combination.

‘Heavy guitars broken up with melodic licks and accompanied by emotive vocals and massive choruses… The songs are well structured and impeccably performed…’

Formed in 2007, The band quickly went on to sign with the UK label Rising Records in mid 2008. Their debut album ‘Home’ was released February 2010, produced by Mark Daghorn (Orange Goblin, Trigger The Bloodshed) and mixed by Karl Groom (Trigger The Bloodshed, DragonForce). A highly polished affair, this album really delivers and shows both musical maturity at the same time as raw energy. From the opening bludgeoning riffage of ‘Scars’ to the poignant ‘I Still Remember’ the album delivers an emotional intensity that metal bands seldom reach.

It’s no surprise that the band have quickly earned themselves a strong following and a reputation for being one of the best live metal acts in the UK. Chinn Lawlor and Vince Finch handle guitar duties with aplomb and their guitar playing is pulled off with both precision and creativity. You’ll be able to catch an interview with them here on fretpoint.com very soon.

The video for their debut single “I’d Die” has now been listed on both the Scuzz and the Lava Sky TV music channels. To show your support of this incredible band and find out how you can request their new single ‘I’d Die’ visit The Everything Burns website.

Personally I’m hoping the band get the prominent slot at Download 2011 that they deserve. - Fretpoint.com

"“Why did it take so long to go back home?” VENUE: TRURO , 16/10/2010"

“Why did it take so long to go back home?” Good question. Tim Kellow’s words from set opener ‘Home’ echo through the Threemilestone Social Club, and the crowd are clearly asking the same question, showcasing their unwavering loyalty after the extensive uk tour that has kept Everything Burns from returning to their hometown of Truro. It’s been a busy few years for the Cornish five-piece. Less than a year after their formation they were signed to uk label Rising Records, (Trigger The Bloodshed, Bleed From Within), and in February 2010 they released their debut album, also titled ‘Home’. “It’s all been a blur,” says Tim, a vocalist. “The metal scene here wasn’t for us when we started out so we went off and ignored Cornwall for a while. To come back to that sort of reception was amazing.” The set list tonight spans the majority of their lp, with each song greeted by appreciative roars from their home-ground audience. From the moment the band take the stage the auditorium (which is at full capacity) is heaving with the force of the crowd, and by the third song, ‘Me vs You’, the idea of propelling your way to the front of the stage seems as likely as stepping into Baghdad without messing up your hair. But by far the most positive response tonight was reserved for the debut single, ‘I’d Die’. Tim and Vince’s vocals are barely audible over the 300 strong army of fans, chanting every word right back at them. By the final notes the band are already in danger of letting their mask of rock ‘n’ roll seriousness slip, as the overwhelming reception erases any doubt that they’re not the small-fry anonymous unit they were when they started out. The raw talent and stage presence that the band effortlessly demonstrates make it easy to forget that this band have only

Been together for three years. Tim’s commanding power over a rowdy audience; Chinn Lawnor and Vince Finch producing consistently tight guitar harmonies; the immovable presence of bassist Phil W Charles, and the controlled ferocity of Jez Marshall on drums. It’s a confidence and precision you rarely see in some of the veterans of the rock music world, let alone the new recruits. Everything Burns are currently writing new material. You can purchase their debut album ‘Home’ on Itunes, Amazon or hmv. - Flex newspaper


Debut album 'Home' - 2010
'I'd Die' - debut single - 2010
'Scars' - second single - 2010
'Ghosts and Angels' - first single 2nd album - 2011



‘Everything Burns’ are a progressive metal 5 piece from the south west of the UK who formed in mid 2007. They trade in a musical expression that lies dead in between the most pseudo-metallic of emocore, post hardcore and the most melodic and shiny of metalcore.

The band originally signed to the UK label Rising Records in mid 2008, who then released their debut album ‘Home’ in February 2010, produced by Mark Daghorn (Orange Goblin, Trigger The Bloodshed) and mixed by Karl Groom (Trigger The Bloodshed, DragonForce).

‘Home’ is eleven songs of fast-paced, hyper-melodic, no-bull metallic music, aimed straight for the domains of what's inspirational and captivating. This is emotional post hardcore with heart, soul and a good slice of depth and musicality, making a sound that comes across as familiar as unfamiliar for its combination of directions. The anthem-like feel of each track with infectiously catchy melodies, makes each one easily as memorable and enjoyable as its predecessor, leaving you craving more.

Under new management the band parted company with Rising Records in August 2010, but continued to promote their debut album and went on to self-finance two videos. The video to their debut single “I’d Die” went to no.6 in the Lava Sky music channels most requested video chart, is still no.15 in their top 20 songs and has since had over 88,000 views on You Tube. The video for their second single “Scars” went straight in at no.4 in the Lava channels most requested video chart.

The band are now recording their second album for their new label Meshhead. The first single ‘Ghosts & Angels’ was released in December 2011 and the album is due for release in spring 2012.