Everything Burns

Everything Burns


A powerful, driven band whose ever evolving style and chemistry is only outdone by the strength of it's live representation. Heavy, psychedelic, raw yet refined, and pulling from many VERY different influences.


We started as a simple project recorded by guitarist Mike Greely on a Tascam recorder. One night he invited bassist Jo-Jo Rose to listen to some of his recordings, then eventually to play them with drummer Chris Cardaci. The three of them had known each other and been good friends for many years. With the addition of vocalist Justin Rainville, the band began to take the project much more seriously and add life to Mike's the recordings. Soon they began playing shows in their local area. After recording an EP with guitarist/engineer Chris Souza, the band decided to expand and invite Souza to play with them. He excepted, some whiskey was consumed, several songs were written, and the shows began to roll in. Here is where our story truly begins...


"Preemptive Strike"- March 2010