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Drawing on influences ranging from Stevie Wonder and Bernhoft to Passion Pit and Frank Ocean, Phases is something fresh for your ears. The albums are produced, but the live show is raw, complete with horn section and featured performers. #EverythingInPhases


Everything He Wants

Written By: Eric Goldberg,; Phases

There you again running through my head
There you go again rummaging through my bed
I fumble with the door you collect your things
We're way too young for these kind of rings

But if I knew this would be my last day
I'd spend it with you
You're everything I do
And if it all came true
Well you're everything I want

There you go again running through my brain
There you go again playing your old games
I hung her out to dry on rainy day
She came back wet and she was ready to play

I guess I'm a lucky man who doesn't know when to quit
I guess I'm a lucky dude who knows that he must choose
If he will win or lose everything he wants

You can lead him to the water
But you can't make him drink
You can spend your lives together
But the words come out in many shades
Not clearly black and white
Not clearly wrong or right

But after all I'm a lucky man
Who doesn't know when to quit
Yeah I'm a lucky dude
Who knows that he must choose
If he will win or lose
Everything he wants