Everything Is Everything

Everything Is Everything


High energy, unique, provocative metal band that can display emotion in it's raw form, yet keep the music interesting and catchy. Because of diverse influences there is something for everyone in our music. Our music is displayed with odd time signatures with both melody and massacre.


Shey and Tea set out in early 2005 to form a band that could voice, through music, life's lessons, experiences and realities. In the search for the perfect drummer, after many auditions, Mickey was found by accident. At that time she was playing for a cover band and was in search of another project that involved original music. With her stage and 14 yrs of drumming experience as well as her knack for "feeling" the music, the final piece of the puzzle was found.

In need of a name that would mean something that everyone could relate to, Everything Is Everything was finally chosen. Everything Is Everything (EIE, pronounced "eye") has spent the last year writing and piecing together emotions from each band member to form music that will expose your inner most fears and tickle your soul.

Although we have all had different experiences, there is a little bit of all of us in each song. Our music is something that you can relate to, something you can feel, something you can breathe , and this is what makes us who we are.
With the use of different guitar and bass effects, the music takes a life of its own. The use of vocal processors to enhance, but not hide the natural melodic tones of Shey's voice, is felt with every word sung. We are proud of the fact that every comment we have gotten about our music is we do sound different. EIE does not want to sound like other bands that are playing today. EIE wants to sound like EIE. You will hear little hints of different influences in our music because our influences are so diverse.

Because of how we want to present our music to people, we are self produced and self recorded.


The Outer Limits

Written By: Shey

I wanna run, I wanna run, I wanna hide, I wanna hide, I’ve lost again
The voices are calling me.
Come with me, go with me, to this hell, you’re in hell, I’ve lost control
I can’t do this.

See the black, That fills my veins, you take my mind I’m on my knees.
Take me to the outer limits of paranoia and self medicated.

Take this pain, feel the pain, from my mind, I’m in your mind. I’m at the edge, jump.
I can hear you.
Stop the yells, who’s yelling, I hear your voice, do you hear me. I’m out of control. kill
Take me to the outer limits.

Free myself and I break my chains, you take control and make me obey.
Take me to the outer limits of paranoia and self medicated.

I wanna run, I wanna hide, you take control, Take control.
Free myself and break my chains you take control, take control.
I wanna hide, I hear your voice, you take my mind.


Written By: Swann

your smile is so beautiful, so...
with your lies

left alone down, down in a hole
pieces broken down, down in my soul
and you smile down, down at me
your dirt pours down, down on me

with your smile
and your lies

lost so far down, down, no control
i'm freezing down, down in the cold
all you promised, down, down the drain
and I sink down, down in the pain

I thought i was so special
your eyes were so incredible
you said I was the one
but I'm just another brick in your wall
I thought I was so special
your eyes were so incredible
I thought I was so special
your eyes were so fucking beautiful
you promised I was the one
but I'm just another brick in your wall

It's all the little things you'd say
my fears would fade away
all the promises you made
allowed me to have faith
now it's all gone away
now there is nothing
nothing left for me
alone and left astray

But I love you too much to ever...
I love you too much to ever
it's my cage
I cry, I cry, Icry
and you smile....
so smile

Set List

Our set list consist of all original songs
Hate Me
Higher Power
Break Away
The Outer Limits
Don't Sleep
Fall From Grace

We have more songs that are rotated in and out and this makes up approximately a 45 minute set.