Everything Meaningless

Everything Meaningless


Oasis vs New Order vs Early U2 vs Coldplay. Do you like those bands? Then you'll like us.


Everything Meaningless is a collection of four guys who really should not be making music together....

Ryan thinks Oasis is the best band of all time
Dave secretly wants to be in U2
Dustin just wants to know where his pants are.
Sam is what would have happened if doctor Frankenstein put together pieces from classical composers

Yet somehow it works, and we have fun.

After two years of hiding in a basement in Toronto, Everything Meaningless is taking the training wheels off their melodic driving style that can best be described as "What if Oasis was a new wave band?"

I personally challenge all of you to try and not have one of our songs stuck in your head for a week. I win.


3 song Demo has been recorded on our myspace.

Currently recording a full length (10 Songs) CD due out by February.

Set List

Set List Length: (up to 60 mins)

Covers may include - Coldplay, Early U2, Early New Order, a few Classic and obscure 80's tunes

Original Song List
(all songs written by Everything Meaningless):

Letting go
Can't get enough
We are all the same
Open your eyes
Let's go all the way
Want to be me
Save me
Hey now
Tell me
I don't want to be the one
Look at me