Everything on Red

Everything on Red


A band that trys to create a sound that is unique, blending together emotional post-hardcore stylings of bands such as Brand New and Saves the Day mixing them with Electronic parts, and other experimentation, along with strong melodies and harmonies of bands such as Minus the Bear and Circa Survive


Everything on Red was formed in early 2007, when The Whole Picture sadly ceased to exist due to members not being able to commit to the project. Ratty, Alex and Tom were eager to start another project a little bit different so started to practice under the name Everything on Red. The bands lineup was complete when Sam, the ex Drive Till December vocalist joined on Bass. They mix together a variety of genres to create a unique sound. Sounding somewhere between Brand New, Minus the Bear and Circa Survive. Heavy focus on intricate melodies and very strong musicianship.


Everything on Red Demo 07

Set List

Set lasts about 30 minutes with upbeat songs and often one slow song. The band know an ELO cover of Mr Blue Sky. The songs are very diverse and can keep a crowd entertained.