Everything's Automatic

Everything's Automatic

 St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, CAN
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Everything's Automatic is an electronic/emotronic music project founded in the beginning of 2008 by Nick Jackson. After taking a long-term break from playing with a couple of groups in St. John’s, Nick took his korg synthesizer, an old laptop computer and began writing. Since then, Nick has been writing, recording and experimenting with sound and electronic music. Everything's Automatic has received airtime on CBC Radio programs and was featured on ECMA Radio in 2009. The song "two" was featured on 'Sound Art? Sounds Eclectic', a showcase of sound art and electronic music in Atlantic Canada.

At this time, Nick was living in Halifax, NS studying audio engineering and collaborating with many musicians in the area. He began a project with a good friend, Donovan Parsons; also from Newfoundland. Nick and Donovan wrote and recorded music together under the alias District, but the electronic and experimental noise project was short lived. The two went in other creative directions with other collaborative projects and are still actively writing music together. Donovan has even contributed to music by Everything’s Automatic under the alias ‘spaceman’.

In the last year Nick has returned to St. John’s. Everything’s Automatic has released two EPs online, and in recent months has been working with the folks at remix86 and Yung Dumb. Yung Dumb is a collection of DJs and electronic musicians, performing two to four times per month. Yung Dumb plan to continue to hold shows and other functions in months to come and are planning on putting together a tour for later in 2011.

Currently, Everything's Automatic continues to perform with Yung Dumb; these performances include but are not limited to a mashup of original songs, samples and loops. Everything’s Automatic is working on new material and hopes to release a full-length record later this year. All music by Everything’s Automatic is currently free to listen to or download where available.


Away From Home EP - 2009 (Online release)

Look Ahead! EP - 2010 (Online release)

How To Build A Bridge - 2011 (Online release, soon to be printed)

Set List

A medley of everything!