Everythings Taken

Everythings Taken


Everythings Taken is an acoustic rock band. We only have acoustic versions recorded right now. But the songs are about everyday life and the things that people face from simply being alive. I write the songs from my heart and from my experiences. If someone can relate then it's worth it


Our story is a simple one I guess. We've both know each other for our entire lives and both have a passion for music and enjoy doing what we love. We're set apart from other bands in the fact that we will never write or put out a song if we feel that it's less than the best that it could possibly be. The songs are easily to relate to and if someone can understand exactly what the song means, relate to it in anyways, and be moved or inspired by it, then it makes it worth all of the hard work.


The only tracks that we have recorded are acoustic versions without drums and are uploaded at www.myspace.com/everythingstakennow.

Set List

We're kind of new to this so we don't have an official set yet.