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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Standing Still EP Review"

May 1, 2008 @ 9:34 am
By: Nikki Ciarmela

Every once in a while I look for a good independent hip-hop record to get into. A few months back I happened to come across this demo entitled "Still Standing" by a band called Everything That’s Fly. They’re a hip-hop, rock inspired three piece from the T-Dot-O, and this demo is a valiant offering. Bands that aren’t afraid to cross-collate genres, but that know how to stay true to the classics are a real asset in today’s industry, and this band seems to know how to do just that.

Tracks 1, 4 and 6 are good ones to watch out for, but track 3 entitled "Look Good", is without a doubt the best song on the record. The guitar lick that is the backbeat of this tune is raspy and driven and really just makes you want to groove to it. This song’s got good flow, and I can totally appreciate the utter bluntness of the lyrics. Track 4 entitled "Umbrella" feat. Via Linez surely has radio worthy qualities. It is completely complimented by the bands female vocalist, as is much of the rest of the record, but it does seem to get cut off rather abruptly. I’d really like to hear an extended ending on this track just to seal the deal.

So if you’re into the independent hip-hop scene and you’re looking for some good tunes to get into I recommend checking out this band. For more information about Everything That’s Fly you can hit them up at www.myspace.com/everythingthatsfly. - We Go To Shows Magazine

"Random fan comment"

"...and etf is excellent.i mean, you made my ipod. that's huge. right after "enya". big tings!" - n/a


Standing Still EP (iTunes, also sold at shows)

Everything That's Fly EP (iTunes)

Pig & ear2ear's "Globetrotter" featured on Nicolay's Dutch Master Vol. 1 on Hardboiled Records

Pig & ear2ear "In Session" available on iTunes

Everything That's Fly "Good Looking" available to download as a ringtone on telus.ca



Everything That's Fly, is a band that plays just that; taking classic elements from rhythm and blues to rock and roll, hip hop to funk, and everything in between. Producer/DJ ear2ear cleverly mixes lead-singer Pearl's soulful sound with Pig's raw lyricism and smooth guitar playing over an array captivating melodies and catchy beats. Together, the three create a sound as unique as their names. Everything That's Fly, or ETF, bridge many music genres and their style and versatility creates a truly original sound that has been taking audiences by storm.

The Toronto, Ontario trio are old high school friends who share a passion for creating music. In 2005, they pooled their talents and formed Everything That's Fly, releasing their first EP a year later. The self-titled album showcased their strong song-writing abilities and musical range.

Their sound pays homage to timeless icons like Chaka Khan, Kool G Rap and J Dilla. ETF's impressive beats, soulful vocals and biting lyrics are far beyond their years. Favourites include the acoustic ballad "Turn Off Your Phone" and the tongue-in-cheek "Maury", chronicling the challenges of nationally televised paternity tests. It quickly becomes clear that Everything That's Fly not only makes amazing music, but has a sense of humour to boot – making them a breath of fresh air in Toronto's diverse music scene.

In just over three years, the band has made its mark in Toronto, playing regular shows around the Mega City in such venues as the El Mocambo for various events including the Indie Music Week festival. Their reach has been wide, with fans around the world from England to Zambia to Korea. Recently, ETF has collaborated with local artists Via Linez and Eye+Eye, Von Pea of New York's Tanya Morgan and the Netherland's Nicolay of the Foreign Exchange.

Together, the threesome creates a fantastic fusion that surprises even the most skeptical of listeners. This should come to no surprise, though; after all, they're Everything That's Fly.





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