Tallinn, Harjumaa, EST

Evestus (frontman and producer of the band) grew up listening to Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, The Prodigy, Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Eminem. Now he's been mixing up all these influences into one beautiful and disturbing sound that might just take alternative music into a new era.


EVESTUS is both an electro-industrial rock band from Estonia, and the name of the band's founding member and frontman.

Evestus' often distorted vocals are accompanied by massive bass-lines and broken beats tied together with grinding synths, sizzling guitars and orchestrated backdrops making an electro-industrial rock band that has been noted for it's aggressive and theatrical live performances and unique approach toward songwriting, "bringing to the table a lot of musical variety and a lot of unpredictability" (Cyrus Rhodes, musesmuse.com). Evestus straddles a wide range of genres, "creating music that is as aggressive as it is accessible, full of malevolence as well as melody" (Re:Gen Mag).

MTV Baltics perhaps said it best, describing Evestus' sound as "Symphonic Orchestra scoring a fight between Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy."

Being a professionally trained Jazz drummer, Evestus (full name Ott Evestus) used to play percussions for the Death/Industrial outfit Forgotten Sunrise (Out of Line Music) and first gained attention as the vocalist of Estonian metal group Solwaig for their truly theatrical live shows, but began to compose his solo album in a desire to gain the creative freedom to fully express himself.
His solo debut "Destiny in Life" (2004) landed Evestus a deal with Canada’s D-Trash Records who re-released it to a wider audience. Being a fairly erratic mix of samples and synths, Evestus quickly received more serious looks after releasing "Wastelands" (2006, D-Trash Records), inspired by “Fallout” PC game, the album retains a cult following who refer to it as "post-apocalypse pop music."

In 2008 the solo project Evestus turned into Evestus the band. But as its main producer, singer, songwriter - Ott Evestus remains responsible for the bands direction. Spring 2008 marked the beginning of the Dramatic Era for Evestus - the third album "This is Dramacore" began to take shape and he released two singles and music videos "Sacrifice" and "Enemy" which immediately got a lot of attention and were on heavy rotation on MTV Baltic Top 20 ("Enemy" reaching # 4) and MTV Nordic (Finland, Sweden, etc), both reaching the top 10 of TOP 100 Estonian Music Videos of all time. Same year the band performed at MTV Baltic Birthday Show alongside the world-renown pop star KERLI. (Island Def Jam)

2009 Evestus played at Tallinn Music Week, NOKIA Music Gala and gave lectures about industrial music at the Baltic Film and Media School as part of the "NOKIA Comes with Music" campaign. Rest of the year (over 9 months) was spent mixing the colossal "This is Dramacore" that was self-released in 2010.

2010-2012 Evestus toured Finland and the Baltic countries (including Hard Rock Laager, main stage, on Estonia’s biggest rock festival) with up to a 9-member line-up including 4 cellists from Estonian National Symphonic Orchestra - creating a custom show for each of the venues and Evestus performances have been described as "legendary, not only because of the value of additional musicians, but especially thanks to the dedication and honesty he tackles the stage with just as if it were his last show" (rockmetalbands.com).

Currently a four-piece, the band is hot off their recent release of the "No God" EP (Dec 21, 2012), that also spawned two new music videos - "Sleep Forever" (released Oct 2012) and "Voices" (Nov 2012) have been well received and both reached #1 in TOP7 weekly music video chart in Estonian National TV and "Sleep Forever" was also voted #10 in TOP50 Estonian Music Videos of 2012.



Written By: Evestus

so suicide is out of fashion
and manson lost his fucking balls
Trent has found a happy place now
where the hell am I to fall?
when I`m depressed and fucking bored
and all I get is fashion whores
your EBM just makes me want to puke...
why don`t you dance some more!

I know you feel the way I do
I know you see the things I do
I know you`re sick and tired
I`m here to rescue you

"I`m here to fuck your lover
I`m here to fuck your god
I`m your new filthy rockstar
fuck yeah - I´ve got it all!"

Dance for me...

So In Love

Written By: Evestus

I see people lovin sex
I see people lovin drugs
I see people lovin rock'n roll
and people loving guns

I see people lovin fortune
I see people lovin fame
and some people love to cheat
so they could win their little games

I see people love to fuck you up
some people love to lie
some people love to hurt you
and some love to see you die

Everyone is so in love today
(So in love)
I hope your love just let's me live another day

Everybody's so in Love today
(and so am I)
my heart's so full of love that I could fucking DIE

The birds do it and
the bees do it
but human fucking beings just
seem to screw it

I love the pain
I love the game
I love this fucking DRAMA

Conveniently Confused

Written By: Evestus

You’re such a mess
And you adore it
In such a stress
The way you want it
I must confess
It’s little scary
You look so wreckless But your
posture shows you’re weary

I know you hate your conscience
You can’t let go of my hand
Each time you fall to pieces
You know ex-act-ly where to land

Your face is made of plastic
And so are all your dreams
You’re everywhere I look now GOD
You’re like a fucking disease

And in a way
I can relate to
'cause every day
I had to fight through
your little games
will soon be over
you're such a star now but
tomorrow you'll be sober...

I know you hate your conscience
You can’t let go of my hand
Each time you fall to pieces
You know ex-act-ly where to land

Your face is made of plastic
And so are all your dreams
You’re everywhere I look now GOD
You’re like a fucking disease

One day I'll leave you to bleed
and then you'll know how I feel
your pain and your misery
is just another bloody sunday for me

How could I let the worst of you
get the best of me
I fail to see


Written By: Evestus

After all the running that I've done
I found myself where I begun
After all the searching that I've done
I've lost much more than I ever won
I've been trying to find my way -
looking for reasons every single day instead of
pushing through -
I'm stuck here without you out of
Life and out of mind without a
fucking clue...

And you don't see me anymore
you don't hear me anymore
noone knows me anymore
and I'm not worried

what if I just take the blame
make you smile for one more day
what if I don't play your game
in the end it would be all the same to you
I think I'm better but
that's not true -
I'm a waste of good canvas just like
you and I don't need your pity I need a
reason why
all your beautiful lies make us so dead inside.


2004 - "Destiny In Life" LP
2006 - "Wastelands" LP
2008 - "Sacrifice" Maxi single
2008 - "You're Not Good Enough To Be My Enemy" EP
2010 - "This Is Dramacore" LP
2012 - "No God" EP

Set List

Set lists are put together keeping in mind each specific venue and audience - whether they may be into the harder edge of Evestus or the more atmospheric and experimental side. Some of our songs are in high demand by our fans and others are more approachable to new audiences.