Evet Socrates

Evet Socrates


Soaring and transcendental, Evet Socrates embodies the new millennium, embracing many cultures and many times. Intelligent and moving, cinematic and grooving, Evet will rock you with with virtuoso guitar riffs, pulsating bass lines, and poetic vocals, sure to stand the test of time...


Evet has played guitar and written songs all his life. He strives to continue producing music with depth and excitement. Also an artist and horror film buff, Evet has as well been a finalist in many guitar competitions. Last year saw the debut of his first film, ASTROLUX. Clips are available on youtube:
also http://www.myspace.com/evetsocrates


Go Go Galactic

Written By: Evet Socrates

Go Go Galactic
Music and lyrics by Evet Socrates

I was surfing her silhouette
Through astral projection when first we met
She’s into cosmic wine and dine
There’s bound to be magic
When our planets align

Go go galactic
Your lust makes me kind of frantic
Go go galactic
Now the skies are alive in my dreams tonight

Got to go galactic baby
Go galactic tonight
Give you a space face you’ll never forget
More faithful than a satellite

Got to ride that wave
The wave of the universe
Momentum propels us
On towards a burst

Absinthe believer
Hooked to a receiver
Now I’m lost in the abyss
Of you your heavenly kiss…


Bridge: (Spoken:)
Intellectual observations and meetings of the mind my hallucinations
Triggered a past life deep inside
Music is a force
It allows us to resonate with the cosmos
Just imagine the splendor
Triggers brainwaves that are the keys to higher consciousness


2007: Scare Unlimited: A Work In Six Movements
2006: Maharaja Visions and ASTROLUX: The Movie
2005: ASTROLUX: The Movie Soundtrack
2004: Samasara
(please see www.EVETSOCRATES.com for full details.)

Set List

Miss Vicious
What Part Of Love (Don't You Understand)
Socrates the Python
Games Without Frontiers
Go Go Galactic
Caribe the Bastions
Di Is Dead
Bali 2000
Air by Jason Becker

25-45 mins, may include guitar solos and atmospheric jams.
Covers of 80's and progressive bands done with style and dance authority.