Evian Cafun

Evian Cafun

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Perfecting the art of genre without no genre, Evian maybe able to "rap" very well, but don't pigeonhole his music into the hip hop category. Evian Cafun pops David Bowie, Kate Bush, Andre 3000 and Prince into a blender to serve up an eclectic fusion of sound and unorthodox songwriting.


An all round performer, songwriter and recording artist, Evian Cafun was raised and resides in the bleak suburbs of south London. Here he developed a penchant for music via his parents stereo system and the television, his love for the movie, "Labyrinth" introduced him to David Bowie which shaped the way he created music years later. He also discovered the Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Prince, Supercat, Erykah Badu, M.I.A, Grace Jones and OutKast which gave him a flavour of what was to come.
Evian Cafun brings true voodoo to hip hop, a true sense of magic with a fascinating live show, which incorporates mime, tribal body paint and theatrical flair. The indigenous is here, the end is Evian Cafun


"Beast" : airplay on XFM United Kingdom with John Kennedy
"Beast" featured on Kwesachu 2 and "LGOYH" also featured on Kwesachu 2