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"Best New Band 2002"

Best New Band 2002
For the past year, eVibe has been pounding the pavement from Waukesha to Milwaukee's East Side with a mix of rhythm and blues fused with a Zeppelin-like undertow of infectious groove. Drums, guitar, bass and violin come together in a jam-like setting that has definite structure. A mostly instrumental approach, with a dedication for musical prowess, has earned them a strong following which is sure to continue growing as time goes on. (Brian Barney) Shepherd Express
- Shepherd Express


By blending instrumentation such as violin and saxophone into a jam-based format, eVibe has created a sound that knows no barriers. While having the ability to get loud with the best of them, their versatility has also led them down the path of acoustic often enough to land them top honors in this category. The band has persevered through member changes, musical growth and the general struggles that come along with being "on the fringe." They came through it all in tact and still moving forward. With a growing fan base, and a style that has the ability to evolve without ploy or adherence to the norm, EV is definitely a band worth keeping your eye on. (Brian Barney) Runner-up: Heidi Spencer
- Shepherd Express

"Wide range of influences come together in eVibe's music"

Milwaukee band eVibe makes music like most people make stew. It throws a bunch of musical flavors into a pot just to see what it tastes like. Funk, rock, classical, bluegrass, whatever. "It's kind of a jambalaya of sounds," tenor saxophonist John McAvoy said. "We're trying to make an interesting mix, but based on funk and rock 'n' roll." With influences ranging from Herbie Hancock to Beck, eVibe (short for Eclectic Vibe) will be serving up its stew this Saturday at the Paper City Pub.
- The Post-Crescent

"Milwaukee Meltdown"

... The Saturday crowd, invoked by the stylings of The MAHP stuck around for a special treat that night. Early exiters, literally walking out the door, stopped in their tracks and were charmed back into Vnuk''s Lounge when Evibe took the stage as the last band and treated the audience to their unique blend of electric violin and saxophone funk rock... - Emergenza

"eVibe Shank Hall 10pm"

Brandishing a rhythmic acoustic guitar, funky, blurting sax, and a delay-soaked violin flourish over a steady bass and drum section, eVibe (“e” for “eclectic”) returns to the stage this Friday after a brief hiatus and drummer replacement. Known to play shows accompanying projections of Transformers: The Movie, eVibe often further embellish their sets with surprising (dare I say eclectic?) covers. A single PA rarely encounters Beck and Charlie Daniels Band tunes in one night. (Casey Bye)

- Shepherd Express


eVibe EP 2005



eVibe was established in January 2002. During their first year as a group the band found much acceptance and crowd following. Within short time, eVibe performed throughout many of Wisconsin’s popular venues with flocks of fans following along. Eight months later, local newspaper, Shepherd Express, recognized the group as Milwaukee’s Best New Band. Soon after, the band was awarded top honors in Milwaukee’s Original Music Battle of the Bands.

Within 2003, the bands growth and following grew exponentially. In March, the group received their first airplay as part of a local and national radio show called Hotel Milwaukee. A short time later, eVibe was featured on local radio station WMSE 91.7. In the fall of 2003, the group was honored with Shepherd Express’ Best Acoustic Act Award 2003. A highlight of 2003, was a series of shows performed at Milwaukee’s premier Shank Hall, which contained crowd sizes of 200+ fans who were left buzzed and ready for more.

During 2004, eVibe began working on its first set of studio songs, which were released as a demo. As the bands popularity expands, they have developed a mini-tour of shows that allows them to continually perform in many cities throughout Wisconsin. Highlights of 2004 include opportunities to support the Big Wu and Medeski, Martin, and Wood at the Rave Ballroom. In addition, the band appeared on the John Urban Television Show in Madison and began booking several shows at clubs in the Chicago area.

Currently, eVibe is working towards spreading their seasoned music and stage show to a wider based audience that would allow them to tour regionally. In 2005, eVibe performed at several large festivals throughout the Milwaukee area including Riversplash, Summer Soulstice, and Robstock. In addition, the band was featured in several press articles highlighing their local appearances. The band is currently working on its first full length album, which will be released in 2006.