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"Evicted, 'Truth Untold'"

Listening to Evicted’s full-length debut CD, “Truth Untold,” it’s hard to imagine their current lineup has only been together a little more than a year.

Lead vocalist Danielle Waite, guitarists Matt Allsman and Kyle Waite and bassist Cory Waite were joined in 2008 by drummer Curt Vonderohe. It is the smooth meld of Cory Waite’s bass and Vonderohe’s percussion that provide a solid foundation for the group’s debut.

The sure-footed section is made most notable as the CD opens with the hard rock assault of “Let Me Go,” and reaches its peak in the intro to the CD’s closing track , “Unclean.”

Guitarists Allsman and Kyle Waite demonstrate their guitar-playing abilities with catchy hooks and riffs found in “Addicted” and “Out of Control.”

And Danielle Waite’s raspy vocals stitches together the band’s sound, creating a interesting tapestry of tracks.

Must listen tracks: “Veil of Hate” hints at the vulnerable side of Evicted, while “Unclean” leaves the listener with little doubt about this band’s talent.

- Norfolk Daily News

"Evicted releases debut album, 'Truth Untold'"

Truth be told, Evicted can’t wait to get its debut album — “Truth Untold — in the hands of fans.

Although the local hard rock band has released three or four demos featuring six songs, this is the first full-length album by the band, according to guitarist Kyle Waite.

“We’ve gone through some lineup changes over the years, but I think we have it all finalized with who needs to be in the band,” Waite said. “We’ve really gelled as a band with the lineup changes we’ve made.”

Evicted has been working on the album for the last year. It was mastered in July and will finally be available for Northeast Nebraska fans on Friday and Saturday at The Depot in Norfolk.

Wait said it’s pretty amazing to look back at how far the band has come since it’s first show five years ago. Kyle Waite (guitar/vocals), his brother Cory Waite (bass) and Matt Allsman (guitar/vocals) founded the band. Danielle Waite joined the band on lead vocals about a year ago, and drummer Curt Vonderohe was added shortly there after.

“Truth Untold” features six previously recorded songs as well as six new cuts. Although half of the album has older material, Kyle Waite said everything has been reworked and will sound different to fans.

“There are a couple we’ve turned inside out and reworked. To hear them now, they’re totally different. People won’t recognize them,” he said. “With our lineup changes of a new vocalist and drummer, things have changed. New people bring changes.”

“Going Out Of My Head” has changed the most significantly, Waite said. It was a lot slower, but Evicted added aggression and sped it up. Fans will recognize the other five songs, Waite said, but changes will be noticeable.

Waite credits the new vocalist, who is often compared to Pat Benatar, with adding a much-needed edge to Evicted’s sound.

“She has an amazing range, which has opened up what we’re able to do,” Wait said. “It’s changed which songs we can pull off. Now, any song we throw at her, she can do.”

Of the six new cuts, Evicted has been playing them live for several months. He said fans have reacted well to the new songs and already are singing the lyrics back to the band when performing live.

Every song on the album is different, which Wait considers the strength of the band. Although it has a harder edge, Wait said “Truth Untold” has both soft and hard songs, showcasing the variety the band is capable of producing. That’s something, he said, which will only become more noticeable as members continue to write together.

Wait called “Cage of Reality” and “Let Me Go” his favorite tracks on the album. Both harder rock, they feature a harder edge, which is the direction Evicted is trying to move. Other notable songs fans will be familiar with are “Out Of Control,” “Give Me A Reason,” “Veil Of Hate” and “This Time.” The latter are ballads.

Evicted is known for bringing power and energy to its live show. Besides touring the Midwest, Evicted has played several dates on the East Coast, including the three-day Rock The Ink festival in Providence, R.I.

The band hasn’t signed with a label yet, which Waite admitted is a big reason to get “Truth Untold” out to the public. But this is the last time these songs will be recorded, much to Waite’s approval.

“We’re done. We’ll never record these again,” Waite said with a chuckle. “We’re ready to move on. The best is yet to come. These have floated around forever, so by far, the best is yet to come. The next album will be much better than this one.”

- Norfolk Daily News


Full Length Album: Truth Untold

All songs have had some radio airplay. Songs most often played are Cage of Reality, Give Me a Reason, and Let Me Go.



Everyone has a story and when Evicted formed in April 2005 theirs was just beginning. Evicted attacked the stage with a vehemence that lit up the Lark Lounge like the Northern Lights for their debut in June of 2005. With their spectrum of colorful sounds and personalities, they put on a show that will definitely make you evict your seat.

Simply put, they’ll rock your face off.

The band is comprised of Danielle Waite[lead vocals], Matt Allsman[guitar/vocals], Kyle Waite[guitar],Cory Waite[bass], and Curt Vonderohe[drums].

Danielle’s voice surges through the band’s veins creating an amazing dichotomy of angelic hostility. The screaming of Matt’s fretboard fills the room with pure and raw energy. Kyle, the silent slayer of the strings, adds a sense of drive with his heavy handed playing style and thunderous tone. Cory’s roaring bass makes your blood pump with an explosion of sound, while the pounding of Curt's drums is like a cadence declaring war. The vitality of this group is only matched by the defining mark they will make with their music.

The band is focused on putting on a great performance for the crowd, bringing to the stage a high-energy, hard-hitting show not often found in local bands.