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"Evicted uses hard-hitting sound to rock your face off"

Evicted, a local band based in Columbus, wants to rock your face off.

With a high-energy show that makes for a unique experience for any audience, Evicted has a sound that is hard-hitting.

"We really have a wide range of influences, which makes our sound really unique," Drummer Derek Klosner told the Daily News this week during an interview.

"Our guitarist is really bluesy. Our bass player and drummer are more into metal, and our rhythm guitarist is pretty much just a classic rock guy. It just makes a unique sound for our performances." Klosner said.

Continuity is one of the best friends of any band, especially one with so many different influences.

Evicted has had some time to grow together as a group, which has allowed the group to grow form the individuality of several bottles of paint into the cohesiveness of a thougt-out and colorful piece of art.

"We've been together as a group for about two years now. Cory and Matt are the only two original band members in the group. Kyle came over from another band, and I joined after I moved back to the area."

Having a unique sound doesn't seem to be the group's main focus, though. Among the band's many goals --atop the list, perhaps-- is to put on a high-energy a show as possible, each and every time they out. To that end, the band just wants to keep playing.

"We really just want to keep doing what we're doing. Right now we play about half cover and half our own music in our shows but we would someday like that to be all of our own," Klosner said. That's where we would like to go--when we'll be able to play a whole show of our own songs. But right now, we play half our own stuff, which is what we want to be doing."

The band's current set list includes songs from the early 60s through current rock and blues songs --a mixture that lets the members play the music they want to play.

While Evicted is happy to have the opportunity to keep playing whenever possible, the band's dream--not uncommon--goes beyond playing just local shows.

A large dose of road glory, packed shows and hit records are on the band's "someday" list, according to Klosner.

"You know, just like any other band, our dream would be to get signed and tour all around the country. That would be our goal." Klosner said.

The first step toward achieving such success came when the band formed in April of 2005. Evicted performed together for the first time just two months later.

Another stop on the way to perhaps one day achieving that goal will be the band's shows this weekend in Norfolk and Peirce.

In a show that iwll also feature several other local rock groups. Evicted will be playing at Bula's on Friday, Oct. 12.

Evicted will also playin Pierce on Saturday, Oct. 13, at JoJo's.
- Tom Richey - Norfolk Daily News 2007


Full Length Album: Evicted - Truth Untold 2009

Songs that get most airplay are: Cage of Reality, Let Me Go, and Addicted

104.1 "The Blaze" - Lincoln, NE
92.3 "Z 92" - Omaha, NE
103.1 "The Thunder" - Kearney, NE
106.7 "The X" - Norfolk, NE
89.7 "The River" - Omaha, NE



Everyone has a story and when this Nebraska band formed in April 2005
theirs was just beginning. Evicted attacked the stage with a vehemence that
lit up the Lark Lounge like the Northern Lights for their debut in June. They
have been tearing their way across Nebraska ever since. With their spectrum of colorful sounds and personalities, they
put on a show that will definitely make you evict your seat.

Simply put, they’ll rock your face off.

The band is comprised of Danielle Waite[lead vocals], Joe Ickler [Guitar],
Kyle Waite[guitar],Cory Waite[bass], and Curt Vonderohe[drums].

Danielle’s voice surges through the band’s veins creating an amazing dichotomy of
angelic hostility. The screaming of Joe's fretboard fills the room with pure and
raw energy. Kyle, the silent slayer of the strings, adds a sense of drive with
his heavy handed playing style and thunderous tone. Cory’s roaring bass makes your
blood pump with an explosion of sound, while the pounding of Curt’s drums is like
a cadence declaring war. The vitality of this group is only matched by the defining
mark they will make with their music.

The band is focused on putting on a great performance for the crowd, bringing to
the stage a high-energy, hard-hitting show not often found in other bands.