Evidence Unseen

Evidence Unseen

 Hampden, Maine, USA

All of our songs are original and are written and played with the purpose of impacting the lives of, not only young people like ourselves, but people of all ages; We have a wide variety from soft ballads to power pop to hard rock, yet we keep the same identity.

Other Info

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We have just released a 6 track EP and are about to release a full length 13 track CD June 1st titled 'Defend This Line.' We record all songs in one of the band members basements.

Set List

Typical Set List for a 1 Hour Show:

1. Arising Tide
2. Listen to My Heart
3. Blakesong
4. Let Me Know
5. Of My Dreams
6. Alive
7. Better Than That
8. Defend This Line
9. The Hero's Song
10. Thorn

All songs are originals. We have covered songs (i.e. How Far We've Come, Heartless, etc.) but we enjoy playing our original music more.

Other popular songs: Hypocrite, As You Can, Lord of the Flies, The Right Way, Countless Nights, Eternity, Broken Heart, I Have A Life to Live, etc.