Songs from the heart, simple sounds of love.


God lover who is passionately in love with God. Amazed at how much God loves me, an imperfect being, but loves me unconditionally. Sing in my church choir and I believe the stir and passion to write songs came from my church piano player, Minister Kevin Lewis. When he plays a melody, I see God smiling. My dream is for my songs to be song Internationally, expressing love and the power that love brings.


I believe in love

Written By: Eveth Colley

I believe in love it is what I need
I feel so secure in this love I feel
I believe in love gives me strength I need
I’m completed now in this love you give
All my doubts and fears are cast away
That is why I love when you are near
I give you all my love body soul and mind, destined and designed to stand the test of time
Love is what we need love is what we give
Guarding hearts and minds with sensitivity
All I have I give to you cause you’re all I need to feel complete