Evie Nicole

Evie Nicole


My music is a mix of edgy alternative country/bluegrass, acoustic pop, and singer/songwriter. I do not like to be pigeon holed into one specific genre. Music is so subjective, it's whatever you want it to be. My goal is to connect with an audience. It's like magic when that happens.


Music has been my passion since I was a child. There was never the issue of, 'what will I do,' it was always, 'I will do music.' I grew up in a suburb 15 minutes outside the city of Chicago. I was more or less the black sheep of my 4 siblings, determined to do something that could pretty much guarantee no guarantees, and struggle after struggle. I was involved in all the music programs all throughout grade school and high school, and was always being told what a distinct voice I had. I won awards inside and outside of school for music, and was always encouraged to keep going. I played in bands all over Chicago but didn't start writing until 2000 when someone very close to me passed away suddenly. That led me into a pretty deep depression and a darkness that essentially, was lifted after getting a pen and paper and sitting in the dark. What was meant as a way to just release some of the feelings I was experiencing, turned into lyrics, a hook, and a melody. After that, I was 'hooked'. When I eventually learned to play guitar, and began playing my songs to people, I would get a response that led me to believe I must be doing something right. And I just loved being in front of an audience sharing my heart and soul and feeling connected to each person. I moved to Nashville in the fall of 2002, and began co-writing, getting my name out there, and letting the road lead where it would. I signed a publishing deal in May of 2005. That allowed me the time to polish my writing, work in the studio, and perform around town, all the while developing as an artist and writer. I recently got out of my deal to pursue other opportunities with other companies, and am now ready to get out on the road a bit and play for audiences outside of Nashville in hopes of building a solid fan base. Everyday is an experience to be learned from and a piece in the puzzle. It's a roller coaster ride, the music business, but with some talent, a bit of "uniqueness", a TON of determination, open eyes, and somewhat thick skin, it can be done. I wouldn't trade it for anything, and I thank God for giving me something to be passionate about and for the strength to go after that passion with everything I have.

Set List

Really varies on who I'm playing for, what players I have, if it's acoustic set or full band. But generally:

2.Give Me My Sin Again
3.The End Comes
4.I Call The Fight
5.In Love By Noon
6.What Would You Say
7.Just Go
8.Long Gone
9.Can't Be Good
10.What You Did To Me