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The Dead Language - 2007
The Dead Language (Scared Rabbit Release) - 2008


Feeling a bit camera shy


Evil Bebos hails from the underground experimental scene of Murfreesboro, TN. In the shadows of Music City, Nashville, Evil Bebos blends genres such as metal, post rock, shoegaze, and psychedelic music in a way that “shake[s] foundations with rumbling lows and crushing riffs” (Nashville Scene, 2/2008). They draw influence from bands like Isis, Neurosis, Boris, and Cult of Luna.

The band draws from song writing techniques of the late 60s from the psychedelic movement of that era. Additionally, they pull influence from philosophers spanning from early skeptics such as Socrates to more contemporary writers such as Jean-Paul Sartre. Evil Bebos writes music that forms a solid conceptual base with slowly calculating movements, eventually forming a story. The band composes lengthy songs with highly conceptual ideas, primarily focusing on instrumentation, as opposed to lyrical content.

In March of 2008, Evil Bebos will help represent the Murfreesboro music scene at the national music festival, South by Southwest, held in Austin, TX. Additionally, in early 2008, they are negotiating a deal with Scared Rabbit records of Middle Tennessee State University. With this new partnership, the label will be helping the band remix, re-master, repackage, and re-release their full length LP, The Dead Language, in the spring of 2008. The album was engineered and produced by Evil Bebos and Jason Dietz (member of Today is the Day, Serotonin and Forget Cassettes) who has produced Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza and Christine at Twin Oak Productions in Murfreesboro.

Members of Evil Bebos lived in and booked shows at their house, The Acid Living Room, in 2006 and 2007. These shows included national touring acts such as Steve McKay (of Iggy Pop and the Stooges) and Adrian Orange (of Thanksgiving). Previously, members lived at the Neat Pizza House, which housed a renegade pizza delivery service, a DIY venue, and a radio show that broadcast live band performances from the living room in 2005 and 2006. Evil Bebos continues to play house shows in Murfreesboro, as well as venues in both Murfreesboro and Nashville on a regular basis.
Evil Bebos independently booked a 10-day tour in early January of 2008 to and from Brooklyn, NY. They played in cities such as Baltimore, MD; Philadelphia, PA; Allentown, PA; Brooklyn, NY; Charlottesville, VA; Asheville, NC; Knoxville, TN; and Cookeville, TN. In the spring of 2007, Evil Bebos traveled to NC to play two dates in Asheville and Chapel Hill. A new tour is in the works in May 2008 with plans to head west to Chicago.

Evil Bebos is Chris Click (guitar/bass and vocals), Jeff Ehlinger (drums), Devin Lamp (synthesizer and noise), Rob McKinney (guitar and vocals), and Corey Taylor (bass/guitar and vocals). They are co-founders of the Murfreesboro artist collective, Sauce Juice, which is home to Evil Bebos as well as other bands like The Ascent of Everest (of which Chris and Devin are members), Baby teeth Thieves (of which Devin is a member), the Dead Hippies (of which Devin is a member), and Core of the Coleman.
Seth Graves of the Nashville Scene said that “The band transcended plodding metal-esque riffs and ventured into more visceral and ominous territory using elements of noise and faint hints of melody before diving back into a raging, guttural stupor—a pattern that repeated throughout the set with outstanding results.” They plan to carry that energy south into Austin, and around the country with persistent touring in support of The Dead Language in 2008.