Evil Come Evil Go

Evil Come Evil Go

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

An unapologetic hybrid of Punk Rock and Heavy Metal. Evil Come,Evil Go, a Texas band known for their diversity, originality, and eclectic sound brings it everytime they take stage. ECEG promotes their shows to the fullest, provides an energetic stage show, and leaves crowds begging for more!


Evil Come, Evil Go, noted as one of the most diverse and bands in San Antonio, TX.
Inspired by the sounds of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Bad Religion, and The Misfits, this unique band consists of members who are more than capable of carrying the torch of punk rock and heavy metal. ECEG has opened up for national act such as The Misfits,TSOL, Mad Sin, and 80's rockers Tesla. Evil Come, Evil Go is coming off of a Texas tour and rapidly gaining recognition for their rockin’ live shows and unapologetic hybrid of punk and heavy metal. This sound brings together crowds of young and seasoned rockers providing a wide spectrum of fans including Corey Harrison, from the TV series ”Pawn Stars”, Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds, and Dez Cadena of The Misfits.
ECEG has impacted the Music Capital of the World…Austin, TX, by performing steady gigs at famed clubs such as Headhunters, Stubbs BBQ, Red Eyed Fly and Elysium. The band signed to Anthem Records where they released their self titled cd and hitting the road in support of their new album due in 2013.
ECEG has performed on NBC affiliate WOAI in San Antonio,TX in promotion of their self titled cd release party.

Evil Come, Evil Go has also gained recognition in over 20 countries through Warped Magazine.

ECEG also promotes every show they play no matter what size venue it is, providing commercials, flyers, and promotions through online radio stations, and the many forms of social media.

This band is hungry for the opportunity to be heard on a national scale and take it to the next level. They’re eager to learn the business, and spread their music to the masses. Give them a stage and you'll get nothing less than an energetic show. Evil Come, Evil Go WILL BE one of your FAVORITE bands, leaving you begging for MORE.
Please visit EVIL COME, EVIL GO at www.sonicbids.com/EvilComeEvilGo for more information. See full bios, concert schedules, downloadable photos and mp3s.
EVIL COME, EVIL GO is available for interviews, please contact Booking Manager of R.E.E Productions, Alberto A. Barragan, evilcomeevilgo@gmail.com
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Never Sleep Again (EP) - 2008
Evil Blood...The Black Wind Demo - 2008
Evil Come, Evil Go...Live! At Rock Bottom! - 2009
A Fresh Kill EP - 2010
Immortal EP -2011
Evil Come Evil Go - 2012

Set List

"World War Z"...a post-apocalyptic war against Nuclear zombies.

"Nightmare in the Sky"...The angel of death coming down to take everything we know and love.

"Land of the Dead"...based on the George A. Romero film.

"Arkham Madman"...The Joker's maniacal tyraid of Arkham Asylum.

"Immortal"...A story about taking a stand for who you are and what you believe in.

"Bones McKenzie"...story of a man bretrayed and left for dead in the WW2 era

"Beast Within"... The transformation of becoming what you fear.

"Fire and Rage"... The bands raid on the earth's state of complacence.

"Bosses of America"... A song for the people by the people, urging people to take back what they work so hard for, their lives.

"Right of Passage"... The bands frustrations about the music scene of their hometown.

"The Judgement:"... The judging that takes place on the band and now it's our turn.

"Rythm and a Sound"... A hardworking band with a hard working song. Showing people what ECEG is