Eville Ent

Eville Ent

 Kansas City, Kansas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

MidWest hip-hop magic on underground beats.

Tech swag, Snoop flow, and Em passion. That's Eville rappin'!

The Kansas City Kid is in the building and yeah we're on the map: right in the middle.

From Kansas City, this is Eville Ent.

Eville is the game, play it!


The Family

Jmac the founder, producer, and rapper from Kansas City has been producing his own hip-hop music since 2008. He writes his own lyrics, composes his own beats, and mixes/masters all of Eville's final material. If it doesn't say "beat by ____" after the song title then Jmac was on the beat.

zLeard the beat-making extraordinaire from Chicago has been with the Eville team since 2011. He will have a new beat on the upcoming Eville Music Volume 1.5 (EMV1.5) mixtape. Currently, zLeard is attending college and is also working on finding new ways to elevate his music.

DFury the rapper from Kansas City has been with the Eville team since 2009.


Eville Ent: The Timeline

8-14-2008: What's Real Productions becomes E-Ville Productions

4-20-2009: E-Ville Productions Demo & Still Got My Swag

8-14-09: Jmac & DFury release Bringin' That Hype. Eville's first collab.

4-20-10: Jmac releases The Crossroads.

6-05-10: Jmac's Hold On (beat by SINIMA) is released.

4-20-11: The Freshman Year Mixtape feat. zLeard, D-Fury, and KB.

5-13-11: Jmac's first digitally downloadable mixtape is released J.M.A.C.: Just Makin' A Cut.

08-14-11: E-Ville Productions becomes Eville Ent.

08-14-11: Eville Ent presents Jmac in Unknown.

12-11-11: Eville Ent presents Jmac in Kansas City Chiefer (Single).

Coming soon: Eville Ent presents Jmac in Eville Mu$ic Volume 1.5 (EMV1.5).

Set List

Eville Ent Set List

Kansas City Chiefer
I Love Life
Midwest State of Mind
Cuz We Have To
For My People
King of Kansas Rap
The Kansas Chopper
Real Chillin' (beat by zLeard)
Solemn Soldier
Two Million Cash
Next Level Ish
Symphony #1
Worries Come and Go
Train Time

16 Songs. Approx 50:00 min.