Evil TV

Evil TV


Located deep in the heartland of Oneonta are the burning paced rhythms and the searing harmonies of Evil TV. The group formed in early October of 2005. The members had been jamming away in a secluded room and when they broke free the message became clear: Shut the TV off, turn the music up.


Evil TV is brought to you by…. Uncle Silo’s Chicken-Bone Butter Sauce-- ‘It’s Finger Lickin’ Good.’ And by… SAND…. ‘Why own one giant piece of the Earth when you could own millions of tiny pieces.’

Tired of sitting around watching conventional TELEVISION? Bedsores got you down? Well, Turn off the Television, Turn up the volume and say goodbye to those couch potato blues…. with all new, 100% dolphin-free Evil TV. This band is made of completely water-resistant, flame retardant, no-scratch, hands-free, musicians. Evil TV formed in October 2005, so they are fresh every spoonful. No longer will you be a slave to post-midnight channel surfing. Evil TV can get you on your feet and shakin’ your ass in no time at all.

Every Evil TV experience comes with these five no assembly required, user friendly components: Jacob Gindi (Guitar/Vocals); Anthony Leombruno (Bass/Vocals); Dave Skramko (Drums); Dan Meltzer (Keys); Chris Andreski (Guitar)

For all your experimental rock jazz desires with smooth earthy tones like a pair of soft hard-look corduroys, Jacob “The Heab” Gindi will provide the tension and release and roast 5-6 whole turkeys at a time. Tony “T” Leombruno* is your diamond plate housefly who brings the Molotov Mmch-Mmch-Mmch-. No one is microwave safe. If you’re looking for those ten-finger chords then Dan “The Gambler” Meltzer is just what the doctor ordered. His smoking chops can make an alligator smile. Even the smallest child can put aside their fears of arrhythmic shakes and embarrassing footfalls because Chris “Number 2” Andreski is not only new but he’s sharp enough to cut through tin cans and Buick station wagons. And what Evil TV set is complete without your very own Boom- Drop-Double-Bass-Beat-Drum-Binger-Banger Dave “The Ham” Skramko who’s cuddly enough to kiss your sister but strong enough to cut through grease, grime, and dried mustard. Also comes with Kung-Fu wrist action.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, for a nominal charge be the first on your block to have your very own Jam/Funk/Rock Band that is eager to play for you. Evil TV is ready and willing to please you. Evil TV’s net worth is way over one million dollars, but they are willing to play for way less and we will say screw commercials and fuck daytime drama plug in with Evil TV Now!!

But Wait! If you call within the next 10 minutes the band will come equipped with their own instruments and original songs which include, Kick you in the Dick, Don’t Worry About Me, Very Interstitial, and all your favorite covers; and more.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations or television bands that lie and steal moments from your life away… your Evil TV is guaranteed great tunes.

*Tony Leombruno comes with a certificate of authenticity. And YES he has played with Bigfoot
(No C.O.D.’s)
(Not FDA Approved)


Evil TV Live At General Clintons Pub 12/7/05:
5 Tracks of live orginals

Evil TV: Believe the Lies
Release Date 4/21/06
12 originals

Set List

We have a good mixture of originals and covers. The originals usually out weigh the covers. We also jam out our songs relatively so each tune will be somewhat longer. Our last headlinging set list was as follows:

SET 1: Where We're From-> Jessica, Joe Calypso. My name is Mud, Don't Worry 'Bout Me, Peaches, River Street Funk->Ejam->Tequilla
SET 2: Long Train Runnin, Final Freedom Dance, Have a Cigar, Kick You in the Dick, Fire, Boogie on Reggae Woman->Pluck You->And the Drops that Fall->We Want the Funk->And the Drops that Fall->Jam->Fraggle Rock Theme, Downtown, You Be Quiet over there, Whole Lotta Love->Dazed and Confused->The Ocean, Frankenstien, Very Interstitial,

Encore: 69->Jam->Chameleon->Keep on Rockin' in the Free World