Evil Twin

Evil Twin


Melodious and distinct vocals over high energy, hardcore rooted chord progressions iced with dueling metal guitars layered on booming bass and heavy drums. News: Anthem takes best alternative song in Mike Pinder Song Wars!


If you are coming to see an Evil Twin show, be prepared to hold your pee. Their attack-style performances obliterate their audiences, leaving them with looks of slack-jawed amazement. Their unique approach to hardcore, metal and power-pop means that the music of Evil Twin has something for everyone; it’s heavy, it’s intense, it’s beautiful and its lasting hooks sink in fast and deep.

Evil Twin never went to high school together. They never bumped into each other while fighting for the same Iron Maiden record. They didn't meet in some urine soaked bar on open jam night while guzzling beer and eating buffalo wings. In fact they didn't know each other at all before forming Evil Twin. They all found each other from postings on an online musician web site. Though perhaps not the most noteworthy of beginnings, it does point out the one thing that is integral to Evil Twin: they are all here because they share the same talent, drive, goals, work ethic and they all came from a previous band that left them wanting more. The Evil Twin manifesto is to make music that is energizing, satisfying, liberating and most of all, fun again!



Written By: Jason Vincent


I descend the stairs
Looking for a face that I recognize
Looking for a place to hide
Pushing through the crowd
I find a seat beside nobody else
Where I can see it all go by
When I caught her from the corner of my eye
The corner of my eye

She, she wouldn't ever notice anyone like me
Me I’m impossible to see

I’m a phantom in her dark

I’m so far
She’s so close
She is real
I'm a ghost

She commands the room
Dancing like she is seducing god
Dancing like she is alone
There is no one else
And suddenly just watching feels so odd
Suddenly I’m turned to stone
When she caught me from the corner of her eye
The corner of her eye

I’m a phantom in her dark

I’m so far
She’s so close
She is real
I'm a ghost

Learning everything about her with my eyes
With my eyes
I can’t convince my mouth to make the words inside
Words inside


Written By: Jay Vincent (Evil Twin)


Oh say can you see
The dawn’s early light
As its casting its shadow
Leaving the world in the dark

We’ll wait ‘till it’s too late
Until the fire‘s burned
Then we’ll stand around wondering
Why nobody snuffed out the spark

Like a virus inside us all
Let inside with no fight at all
While everyone’s sleeping its borders are creeping
While we
Just sleep

Careful what you wish for
Careful what you say
Because if it seems too good to be true
Than it likely is

Uncle Sam’s recruiting
In his subtle ways
Give in to his temptations and
Sooner or later you’re his

One flag one God
One global nation
No one left to fight
No one to blame

One mind one goal
One TV station
One size fits all
When we’re all the same

What will become of the world?

With open arms
We say hello to her
Shallow charms
Her mythical dream
It won’t be long
‘till we’re all gone for good


EvilTwin self titled - 2007
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Set List

Typical Set length: 45mins (1 set)

1. Broken
2. Forever Hold Your Peace
3. Meredeath
4. Marked
5. Better Place
6. Ghost
7. Hello
8. Anthem
9. After All
10. Reflections
11. Generation F